Good point about My country

Indian culture is based on the concept of helping others. Here people feel it their duty to help others. I have seen many examples of people where they never get back from helping others. In few examples people have supported others even more then what they actually can do like one of my maternal uncle has taken loans on his name to support the ailing families of few people. In the beginning of this month when he died, he still has loan to be repaid. I am not saying that people should follow his example but it is in the blood of few Indians to help others. There are many people still available in rural India, who will be always ready to help you in all the conditions. Some times I got supervised to see the generosity of these people. Many people may not have enough food for them self but they will present this food in front of you. This is real India where people respect visitors and treat them as god. Presently this concept has started missing in urban India, as we are becoming more selfish. It is very difficult to ask same kind of sacrifice from today’s generations specially living in cities because they are not even able to support their parents then what they will support others.
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