Harsh Realities

There are some harsh realities present is this world from which we can never put away our attentions. One of such harsh reality is working for some one for whole life and then in the end just thrown out of the system. Many people put their whole life for some organization and in this Endeavour they never thing about themselves. However the organizations some times do not reciprocate in the same manner. When they get some more intelligent and good worker, they simply sift to new workers and forget about the sacrifices of the previous employ. In the situation the employs have all of its hopes on the organization only. Many employs get these kinds of shocks every day by many companies. It is difficult to avoid these shocks, however an employ should work on increasing his efficacy in the entire fields to remain competitive or get another good job in this situation. In today’s environment it has become important to develop some additional skills which can help us in these difficult times.
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