Hindu religion exposed (Loopholes of India religions)

In India, we say this age as Kalyug, age of kaal (wicked). Therefore most of Hindu's consider this time as bad time for human existence. It is believed that this period will be full of maya (myths) and very less of reality. Maya will make us to believe and see many things which are not truthfully present or are not real? Ascent Hindu tradition is believed to be full of all this gadgets like flying aircraft, long distance communication systems (where people can call or see each other while they are kilometers apart). However with time degradation was believed to come in our religion and we lost all this. Also 100 years back for most of the people around the world, it will be hard to accept that aircraft can fly or we can watch or call peoples distance apart from them. However, this Kalyug, the time of evil has taken us back to those age which have all this. With the revolutions in Internet based technology we can easily see and talk with people who are living in the other parts of the world. With mobile in hand, we can easily remain in contact with all of our friends. Now the question may come that it is real or just maya, it is good for of all of us or bad for us. If we believe Hindu religion then this is the bad time to live on earth, every bad thing will increase in this age like crime, hatred, greed, destruction and deterioration in values of human. To some degree all these things were true 20 years back and partially still many of these things are present. 20 years back, crime rates were high, innocents gets no justice, politicians and religions were using us and finally we have no resources available for our growth available with us. However, with the revolution of technology we have many good resources for self growth like more than 100 of TV channels, Internet and mobile communication. This fast communication has helped India in becoming a stronger single nation, a thing which was missing for last 5o years. We Indians have initiated coming out of our shells and have began understanding others religions, states and values. Our media is exposing our corrupt politicians and false believes of religion. Globalization has made us lead participant in world. Today India is no longer a deficient country of few fanatics, religiously motivated and separated peoples. Today we are a true INDIA, A nation which is not only mine but it is our. If, this is maya then it is more authentic to me. What our religions and politicians are not able to do for so many years are done by Technology or Kaal or maya.
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