How small we are?

Many people achieve lot of victory, wealth and height in their life however their greed and selfishness never become less. Moreover not only the famous and rich people but we are busy in more self centric approaches. In all this we do many small silly things which show how we are only considered about only our welfare and growth. Many people in this world are so selfish and motivated by only their needs that even do not hesitate in using any body embracing their friends, relatives and family members. Using others for our own benefit has become a fashion in current world. Now this usage is can be of many kinds like using wife for emotional and sexual needs, friends for emotional and money needs and coworkers for promotions. To some extent we use each others or we exchange the usage with each other like I may be allowing you to use me in the hope of you may provide me some helps. We doing it and it is fine some limits. However there are few people, who use other to that extent that the person do not left with anything like a husband leaving her after ten years when he has absorbed her all grace. This is bad and really bad, exchanges should be fair enough so that nobody feels like cheated. In between all this some people only believe in false exchanges in which they only want to take and not give. They cross all the borders and fool other people with their false emotions. They use the people; absorb everything available in them and through them like a waste. Now these people may reach at big hits or become very rich but they never release that they are biggest losers in this world because they are dying with lot of loads on their heads. Life is and this whole universe is based on the principle of equal balance. Therefore at some time nature will make all the matters settled with us. These people will go on wondering and paying for their wrong deeds in this world and never reach to the state of nirvana or true self. However this is very small question of most of us are not worried about it, because we are in using others or being used by others.
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