Vivah- A Good movie to watch

Vivah is the latest movie from Sooraj Barjatya. Sooraj Barjatya is known to make films oriented to Indian values. This movie is also a step in the same direction. This movie has tried to portray a simple Indian marriage and specially a time from engagement to marriage. This movie could be a great watch to the unmarried couple who are going to married soon. This is equally well for all of us also because this movie shows a beautiful presentations of Indian values. The main thing admirable about this film is beautiful presentations of girl’s emotions before marriage.

Watch Movie- Vivah

This movie has really shown a great respect towards women and a way to treat them respectfully in all the situations. Today when girls Child are becoming burden for most of the parents, this movie shows an encouraging sign. Both the actors Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao are perfect in their roles. This is a simple movie and based on simple principles. This movie is full of lot of good characters which are very less to find in today’s world. In India we are forgetting our most of values and becoming a part of rat race and in this rat race ultimately our relations are suffering. If we can make our life simple like this movie and accept the good values of this movie, then this world will definitely become a heaven.

However this is not the case because we are busy in making our self and world around us more complex. Like other movies this movie has lot of shortcomings like it is too simple and based on lot presumed perceptions like people in small cities are better than the people in big cities. Film becomes weak in the middle and songs are ordinary. However still this is a good movie to watch because it has lot to say, lot to tell. The climax in the movie is wonderful; the scenes like marring in the burning ward and supporting your partner in all situations are some of the key points of this movie. For Indians who are running away from their traditions, this movie provides a chance to rediscover the truth hidden in simple living and high thinking.

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