Fear is not for me

If we start believing on this thing, then no power in this world except destiny can stop us from reaching our goals and moreover destiny also supports people who fight with diversities without fear. Fear is the biggest back puller in world. Many talented people are not able to rise above in their life only due to this fear. Fear even eats our dreams and makes only small things. The other disadvantage with fear is that it starts eating us from inside i.e. making our health worse. Due to fear many people restore to constant thinking and finally generates hypertension and in the end diseases like diabetics and cardiac disorders. Why fear and from whom fear? Except destiny no one can change our fate. No person in world how much he may be strong can not hurt us, unless we give him chance to hurt us. For fighting our fears, we need positive approach towards life and hard work for achieving goals because people have very fears in their life.

Om Sri Ganeshay Nama
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