Swami Ramdev-Hero of India

Swami Ram Dev has emerged as a big Guru in India, who is a specialist in Ayurveda and Yoga. Today people take his name with lot of respect in India. Many people even pray him like god for the magical therapies provided by him. Initially when he started teaching about the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda then many people did not considered him seriously. However it was his constant efforts and magic of his medicines which have attracted people towards him. Today his Ayurvedic medicines have made a deep road in to the Indian houses. Not only in India but he is also very famous in Indians living abroad also. His medicines have helped patients of diabetics, cardiac problems, asthma and cancer to large extent and some reports even point out towards complete eradication of the diseases. I have one true incidence available with me of my Father. He is a diabetic for last 12 years and is regularly taking allopathic medicines. The major problem which he faced with his medicine is that he has to regularly increase the dose of his medicine after few years. Last time, when even after increasing the dosage to highest level his sugar level remained above 200 marks and his health starts reducing. We consulted lot of big doctors from big institutes like DMC, Ludhiana and Govt. College & hospital, Amritsar. All the doctors only pointed towards shifting to insulin only solution. Then few our friends and my sister insisted on visiting to Baba Ramdev Ashram in Kankhal Haridwar. We all visited the Ashram; doctors at Ashram checked my father and prescribed Ayurvedic medicines. Today my father is taking these medicines for last one and half years and his sugar level are below 140-130. These ayurvedic medicines have achieved that thing which was impossible for the allopathic medicine. Some precaution from the experience are not leave the allopathic medicine immediately but gradually leave them with time and must follow the disciplined routine for exercise and medicine. I am not a promoter of Baba Ram Dev, but this incidence look great information for me to share because diabetic is spreading some virus in India and need immediate attention.

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