My Silly Friend

Many people behave in totally silly way in their life. One example of it is the person who wants to achieve lot of things in life but do not want to do any ground work for achieving it. One of friend wants a good job which could pay him around 15k to 20k Indian rupees per month. In this hope, he has already left four jobs so far. He was running from consultants to consultants and from companies to companies in the hope of achieving his dream. We both have started our professional carrier simultaneously. Currently with in few months I going to complete my correspondence MBA and working for last three years with an Indian MNC for 15K Indian rupees. More over, I am earning additional 15k from writing assignments. In last four years, I have worked continuously to achieve all this. Where as my friend have neither stayed with any single company, nor he has gained any additional qualification or nor improved any of personal skills. I tried to convince him that when we have quality in our self then many opportunities will come directly to us or otherwise we will go on running behind them for whole of our life. Consistent affords always pay a person, may it take some time to see their result nut in due time they definitely pay the person. World is becoming a very high competitive market place and we can not afford to left behind it, otherwise it will through us out of the road. Now let’s see how my friend takes my advice.
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