Don is finally here to stay in Indian Cinema

The movie don has started a new era for Indian movies, an era which will see lot of experiments which are never even thought by any one. Don is a movie, which gives the look of Hollywood movies. That is reason, why Don is going to be dubbed in English and already many buyers are ready for its English version. When Shahruhk Khan was taken for Don then many people have doubts that he will be able to justify this role or not.

Watch Movie- Don

In earlier Don Amitab Bachan has done a very strong acting, therefore it was challenge for Shahruhk Khan to create his identity. Many things in new Don are taken from old Don like songs, dialogs etc. However everything is not from old Don, this is the catch and real watch in New Don. Two suspense one at the interval and other at the end are honestly stunning and beyond common thinking. Overall Don provides a good package for movie lovers. Actions are class, acting is fine and screen play is super. Locations of Malaysia are beautifully displayed in this movie.

Heroines are many in this movie, however only Priyanka has the lead role and also she is justifying it. She is looking very beautiful in the whole movie. In Don Director has done work on many parameters and make this movie a good package for the viewers. End of the Don is absolutely different from the routine level of ends of Indian movies and more similar like Hollywood ones. Film loses its ground in the first half but again retain it speed in the second half. Overall rating for this movie will be above average and must watch for one time.

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