How much fear is effective in present employment?

Fear is used as tool by many companies across the world to get maximum work from their employees. Few years back there are less job opportunities available for the ordinary people and the people who are able to get them feel themselves as very fortunate. Most of the companies then exploit this principle for getting more performance from their people by giving the threat of taking jobs. Moreover this threat is very strong among people with less technical education and less self confidence. Due to this threat many people work day and night to complete the objectives of company even forgetting their own heath and family. This type of culture is also a very much reality in India even in present situations. However due to the availability of various new options of jobs and educations, people are getting much wider choice. Therefore many people are coming out of these threats and starting there new and more exciting careers. Today the tendency of job shifting has increased very rapidly in India and could increase more in coming years. In this kind of situations role of fear tactics is decreasing very fast because people are now fearful of losing their jobs or not getting promotions. More over for getting good results from employees companies need more reward systems and motivations and not fear
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