Facing our Fears

It is not an easy task to define our life and especially our fears. Fears are important part of our life. There would be hardly any person in this world that does not have any fear. Recently I discovered new thing attached with fear that there are few reasons which contributes in the building of fear. If we can control these fear factors then we can substantially decrease our fears. First major factor is love for things or for people. We accept things in our life and slowly we start loving them. Now more we love the thing, more we have the fear to losing these things. Moreover the things which we get with lot of difficulty generate more fear of losing them as compared to other things. After some times our love changes into obsession and we start believing these things as our internal part. In this phase, a single dream of losing a small part of it looks like losing our own self. This fear could be similar to the fear of death (a fear which threatens us in some darkness, in some unknown ness). Around the world we all are fighting with these kinds of fears. To small extent fears are fine because they show us our limit or small power over existence. However many times these fears become so threatening that many people lose their life due to them. If they are not life threatening but still they are bad as they decrease the quality of our life. Therefore it becomes very important to diagnose these fears and come out of them. Below are few points which could help people in fighting their fears.
1) A strong belief in ones God or creator, it may be any Allah, Jesus, Ram or any. Believing that every thing is his creation and therefore he has the right to change or alter it. A state of total surrender, accepting his all decisions.
2) Second solution is to analyze our fears, discover them, identify them and finally do things which could help us in decreasing them. Like, increase the saving of money to avoid any financial crisis.
3) Third factor is to face them solwely-2 and become strong so that they could not no more affect us.
4) Meeting a psychologist or psychiatrist could help us and we should not feel shame in getting their help.

Unknown Fears
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