What will be the fate of Sanjay Dutt now?

As Sanjay Dutt got 5 year imprisonment with the connection of possessing illegal arms, now his fate remain uncertain. It was already cleared from the previous rulings of the TADA court that it is not going to let free any victim in this case. More over there are clear evidences available against Sanjay Dutt; therefore it is very difficult for him to avoid any punishment. Definitely Sanjay Dutt is a stronger and famous person today and therefore he will fight his case up to Supreme Court. Now the question which arises here is that what should be our response to this ruling. Should we come forward in the support of Sanjay Dutt or respect our judiciary. Sanjay Dutt is also a person like the other convicts of this case. Our judiciary can not be biased of any one, though he may be holding a good position in the society. Sanjay Dutt has committed this crime and therefore he should be punished as per the views of our judicial system. Today in India we need to come out of the approach where no punishment is given to the people of higher status. On the other hand there are many innocent people getting punishment because they do not have access to better systems which can save them. Many big politicians, businessman and rich people mostly come unhurt of the worst of crimes done by them. In a liberal country, we can not have different rules for different people. We can only become a real free nation when we are able to provide justices to each citizen of Indian. We have to wait for few months or years to see that law wins or Sanjay Dutt.
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