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Celebrating 100000 plus readership

Yesterday when I was going through various sites where I have published my articles, I noticed that so far more than 100000 people have visited my articles. Six months back when I started writing then this was a very difficult dream for me. I have lot of apprehension about my writing. I want to write but did not know what to write and where to write. Then one day I came across rediffblog. I started posting my writings on it. Soon after it I got to know about I started submitting my articles on it. provided me with a platform to write on various topics. Then I came across There strong editing has encouraged me to improve my writing skills. After that I suddenly got information about through an article published on From there I also got information about Google/Adsense. I have lot of good experience with It helped me in writing good and content rich articles. Through, I am able to understa

Consumer behavior and its role in shaping the industries

It is always told that consumers are the kings. They have the potential to make and break any product. The companies which are able to read the impulse of consumers, have always remained successful. Today the motto of many companies is innovation for giving quality to there end costumers. At the time of industrial revolution, the focus of all the companies was on mass production. They want to increase there profits by producing goods in bulk. End consumers have no option expect to purchase these goods. With the time every things changes and consumers become more aware. Now they want things which are more relevant to there needs. They have become good in bargains. Today’s consumer wants best value for his money. Information has become easily available to everyone. We can easily compare the brands with competitors. Consumer of today not only wants good products but also interested with other services provided with it. After sales services has become important part in consumer needs. All

Google/Adsense an alternative source of income

Now any person, who needs an alternative source of income then Google/Adsense offers a better option to him. To earn money with Adsense, a person requires few writing skills and some patience. The advantage with the Google/Adsense is that people are not required to invest any money first like required in other businesses. People only need to have a web space where they can publish their writings. For this purpose, many free blogging sites can solve this problem. One of the best and Google/Adsense friendly sites is Here on people can easily place their Google/adsense Ads. Other options include websites like and, which works on the basis of adsense revenue sharing. With the help of these websites, people can easily put Google ads on their blogs. Google then place ads on your blogs as per the content of your site, therefore content rich sites attract more good and relevant ads. When other people will come to your blog for reading the

Why only 1% of people control this world?

If we count the people who control the world then we can easily do it. They are very less in numbers as compared to the whole population of world. Why so many people have given their fate in the hand these few individuals? To get the answer of this question we have to look back into past. Into the time from where we have evolved. Humans have also evolved from animals. Still today many of the animal behaviors could be found in humans. Many people in this world behave like animals; therefore we see rapes, murders and violence so often. In animals fear is one of the most common behaviors. Animals live their life under fears. Fear of being eaten or thrown out of their world. Therefore they take shelter in the surveillance of a strong animal. It is the reason why we find most of the animals in groups. In groups people also find them fearless. In initial stage of human evolution people made small groups and then these groups become kingdoms with a king. King is the strong man who has the pow and New writers

Are you a new writer? You have started writing few days back. You have no experience of writing earlier. You do not know much about writing. Your English is not up to mark then you can rely on is a site which allows you to write abstracts of news from various news papers and magazines. When a person starts writing the he has lot of fears about writing and if he is from a non English speaking country then the problems are even worst. People mostly do not know what to write and how to write. At that time it is a good idea to write abstracts of news published in various news papers and magazines. You simply took a good article from a news paper and try to rewrite in your own language. It will help you in learning many things which are difficult to learn otherwise. It will provide you inside into writing. You will be able to learn how writer have put his views forward. This is a best and simple exercise. Secondly you could be paid to write these abstracts. Shvoong.

Determination- A power buster for success

There are many simple things available in lives which have the power to completely transform our life. They could not only change our life but also have the power to change other lives. They are some of the initial ingredients for success. One of them is determination. More strong is the determination of a person more successful he will be in life. 95% of the people who fail in life mostly lacks in a strong determination to succeed. The people who succeed in life are not extraordinary human beings. They are as simple like us; however they are highly determined towards their goal. Determination provides us with a strong force which helps us in conquering our goals. Many talents fail in this world because they do not have strong determination required for success. It is very difficult in this world to succeed if we do not have determination. A strong determination could transform a fool into a smart and a lazy into a hard worker. It is very difficult to stop people who have strong de

I have gained 8 kg of weight due to my laziness

In last few months I have gained weight very fast. The problem is that the major gain in weight is at waist. My stomach has started slightly coming out. Some people are fat in whole body. Fat is equally distributed in their whole body. This makes some sense. At least their body is in equilibrium but in my state my stomach only is coming out. When I was a child I always wonder that why people stomach comes out. I was a thin child in my whole life. At that time what ever I eat, my body remains in the same condition. Hardly two year back situations started changing. I started gaining weight. From a thin person with 57 kg weight a grown to a person with 75 kg weight. All this resulted in lose of many of my paints. My waist from 28 to increased 34. This is my major concern; major weight gain is at stomach region. There are two major reasons behind my sudden weight gain, first is laziness and lack of exercise second one is irregular eating habits. Due to laziness I stopped exercising complet

Unending pressures of life and blood pressure

Blood pressure is a common disease in today world. More and more people are becoming the victim of blood pressure with the passage of time. Initially it was thought that this disease only affects the fat people. However, now day’s slim people are also found to be more sensitive to it. Fat body puts lot of pressure on heart and therefore increases the chances of blood pressure. The other major reason for blood pressure is increasing life tensions and pressure. Today’s life is very fast. Expectations from us are very large as compared to few years back. Technology advanced has increased the work load on us. Mobile phones help us in communication; however they are also responsible for disturbing our sleeps and peace. Somewhere this fast life has facilitated less and put more pressure on our life. Due to all this activities we are moving away from our natural behaviors. Toady’s food is less in vitamins, calories, fibers and proteins but they are full of free radicals and synthetics. All th

We want to change the whole world but not ourselves

This is a common tendency among all of us. We are fighting to change the whole world but we do not want to change our self. We are doing lot of charity programs which are focused towards changing the world. We are fighting for making this world a good place for everyone but we never realize how we are responsible in making others life hell. There are many people in this world who are running lot of charitable organizations. The primary role of these organizations is to improve the living standard of people. They are fighting for the welfare of others. However many of them are people who are not able to make their parents, wives and children happy. They want to make this whole world a good place to live in but they are not able to provide a good atmosphere at there homes. How we can accept that these people can change the life of others when they are unable to change their own lives. If we all simply starts making our homes a good place to live in then we could also change this world. B

Some beautiful times spend with good friends

Every one of us must have seen this time at some time in our lives. First it is hard to get good friends and second it is difficult to get time for spending together. These moments are the most beautiful memories of our life. These moments give us a chance to laugh, a chance to feel light, a chance to feel special and a chance to enjoy life. All this is difficult to get without having good friends. Good friends are pillars which support our life. These good times are like a way to understand life better. Today’s life is becoming very fast. We are becoming more concentrated in our self. We even have no time for our self then how we can expect good time with friends. Every relation needs time, like our carrier we are requiring to give time to our relations also. It is really required to be successful in life. But all these success become useless, if we do not have good people who can enjoy these successes with us. Three years back when I left my home for doing job opposite then I have ne

Love is everywhere

Yes, love is every where. Love is in me, Love is in you and Love is there in everything on this earth because love is God and God is Love. Love provides us the opportunity to have the divine experience. Scientifically it is difficult to tell the causes of love. Still Love can do miracles. It does not cost anything to share and give Love. True Love always multiplies itself and never reduces. Now the question arises how to tell which true Love is and which is a fake one. This question has very simple answer. We can never now the real feeling of the other person and for searching true love, we also do not need to worry about it. If our own feelings are true then it is defiantly a true love. We do not need other acceptance or approval for it. In love it matters only how we are ready to give. It is very easy to give love to others. We will always get many times more love in return. However there is one condition that our love should be free of any expectation. Indian God Krishna only did lo

SMS (Short Messaging Service) - An easy way to be connected with your friends and family

Eight years back when mobile phones entered in India then nobody had thought that how they could change our lives. One of the services of mobile phone is SMS (Short Messaging Service). Initial it took few years for people to understand its advantages. Also interconnectivity between various mobile operators slowed down its use. Some people thought that how foolish it is to write message when you can call the other person. However the old policies of telecom sector come in the advantage of SMS. Five years back call charges in India were very expensive and they were directly related to the distance. More is the geographical distance, more will the call charges. Where as SMS have same rates through out India. Second advantage for SMS comes when many mobile operators offered free SMS packs. Therefore people preferred to SMS then to make expensive calls. Many experts also apprehended that SMS will soon die when more new advanced technologies will emerge. However up to now reverse of this is

Ooty- a most popular hill station in south India

Ooty is the one of most beautiful and famous hill stations in India. It is also known as Udhamandalam and located in Western Ghats. Its height from sea level is 2240m. Ooty is headquarters of Nilgiris district. The major plantations in Ooty are coffee and tea. Also some plantation of trees like conifers, eucalyptus and pine are done. The temperature in Ooty is always moderate and range from 5 to 25 degree Celsius. The best time to visit Ooty is from April o June and September to November. Ooty is full of lot of places with interest. However some of them are very famous. First is Botanical Garden, it comes in to origin in 1847. This garden is termed as the one of beautiful thing to visit in Ooty. It has the fossil of a tree trunk believed to be 20 million years old. It is spread over an area of 22 hectares. Second is an artificial Lake, it is the other beautiful thing in Ooty which attract lot of visitors for boating. Third one is Art Gallery; it is situated two kilometer from Ooty. Fo

What are the major reasons behind constipation?

Constipation is very common among today’s individuals. Few reasons for the constipation are related with food and others are with the life style. Though constipation is not a very harmful disease but it can spoil the normal life of a person. Constipation takes enjoyment of life away from person and also long term constipation may cause many diseases. Below are the few of reasons associated with the cause of constipation. 1) Number one and major reason is not taking enough fibers in the food. Fibers are part of plants which are not digested by our body. They work as the cleaning agents of gut. They help the bowl to work well. 2) Second major reason for constipation is not enough intakes of fluids. This makes the stool harder and may lead to constipation. If we intake enough fluids then the stool will be soft and it will easily pass out. 3) Some medicines are also found to cause constipation; these are usually the side effects of these medicines. 4) In dieting many people stop the intake

Acid peptic disorders

Our Gastrointestinal (GI) tract has inner lining which is known as mucous membrane. These inner lining of GI tract has major role in saving the stomach from acids present in the stomach. It prevents injury to the GI tract by coating the GI tract walls. It acts as a barrier between the GI tract and acid. Thus mucous layer saves the GI tract from damage. If this mucous layer of GI tract gets damaged then acid can damage the GI tract. Acid peptic disorders can be classified under the group of disorders which happens in upper gastrointestinal tract in which mucus layer of GI tract gets damaged by the unhampered action of hydrochloric acid present in the stomach (pepsin). These include: Peptic ulcer Gastritis Reflux oesophagitis Dyspepsia Gastric hyper secretary states like Zollinger Ellison syndrome. Patients suffering with acid peptic disorders experience symptoms like burning pain in epigastric region, which results due to hyperacidity. Some reasons behind acidic peptic disorders are str

Which is better yahoo mail or rediff mail?

Both the e-mail services are best in themselves. In the growth of yahoo and rediff, their mail service has major role. They have become hit brand names only due to free e-mail service started by them. Today they are also providing lot of other functions and services. In India these both services are clear cut winner. 85% of people in India only use these services only. Major reason behind their success is their good track record. These e-mail sites have helped billions of Indians in communicating with their friends and relatives. When function wise we try to compare them then yahoo has some certain edge, however rediff have also introduced new features which are totally innovative in themselves. Yahoo also allows use of html codes to some extent, whereas rediff is poor in html coding. Last year both these joint hands to co-market each other brands, so that it is beneficial for each of them. Both of them are providing 1 GB of free space, which is a very huge space for its user. Reason f

How to accept criticisms and their role in our life?

Critics play a major role in shaping our lives. Critics are very-2 important for producing a constructive and great work. If there is no one who criticizes our work then we will never be able to know the short comings of our work. Many big leaders have given the credit of their success to their critics. More sharp and focus critic you have more will be better your work. Nobody comes in world with all the wisdom required to succeed. Most of the knowledge is learned by us in this world. This is also the beauty of some ones work if he is able to attract few critics. Critics are very wise people and they usually do not waste their time with ordinary people. There are different ways to take criticism of your critics. We are required to give due respect to their criticism. We are required to first analyze how solid is their criticism and what is the truth behind it. If the criticism are really having some meaning then we should give due regard to it and try to improve yourself according to i

After mobile phones it is the time for Laptops and Notebooks

Eight years back it was very difficult for a common man to think about mobile phone in India. The mobile phones were in the reach of very-2 few elite persons. At that time mobile represents the status symbol in India. It was even difficult to receive an incoming because it costs to receive an incoming. Most of the handsets are highly priced. However under the wise leadership of Indian government the whole situation has changed. There is a sharp decline in the price of handsets and call charges. Today handsets are available as low of Rupees 500 ($ 10) only, a decline of 10 times in price. Today mobile call charges have become like free. Recent introduction of India one plain by state owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Ingam Ltd) in which you can call any where in India for one minute in one rupee, has intensified the competition. At the end of this year we can also see the full fledge launch of 3G network in India, which will make India one of few countries with this facility. Already partial 3

Direct selling, Amway and India

Direct selling though it is present in India for the long time has still to see a big rise. There are many companies present in India who do business through direct selling. However direct selling is not a big success so far. One of the big reasons behind its failure is non availability of any big name to trust. Many companies which are in direct selling business do not have good track record. Seven years back Amway enters India with lot of promises and few products. It tried to catch the untapped direct selling business. However up to last year they are not much successful except their nutrilite brand. The success of nutrilite may be due to the aggressive advertisement, its good quality or better international equity. The other products of Amway have to still make a penetration in to India. Initial unsuccessful of Amway may be due to the reason; they are not able to understand the Indian market well. The other reason of their unsuccessful was entry of lot of other Indian players, whos

Is there any hidden nexus between Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors?

Up to the time, I have not joined this profession; I thought medical profession is like a great service to mankind. I considered doctors near to God only. God wants me to show the reality behind this good face, so provides me the chance to work with two leading pharmaceutical companies of the India. I am not saying that all the profession has become dirty; however there are few people in this profession which have sold it. Money is the only motive for them to coming into this profession. Ten year back consumer was not as wise the consumers of today. Many people now know that there is a huge difference between the manufacturing cost and the selling cost. Some cases these differences are extraordinary large, like in pharmaceutical industry. One tablet which costs to the patient rupees 10 is actually manufactured at rupees 0.20 only, which makes a way for huge profits. Due to huge margin the number of players has increased tremendously in the industry. Today there are more than 50000 list

Where to invest hard earned savings for better returns

Many of us do not give proper importance to saving. They think that it is wastage of money and time to save money. They want to enjoy life today. I also have the same view till I read an article which was telling how to become a millionaire by saving small amount of money. According to this article if a person saves Rupees 1000/month for 25 years and if, he was available to get the return of 11% then he will be having more then Rupees 10000000. If the person saves Rupees 2000 then he can save up to rupees 26000000. Which is a very big amount in India and a person can live happy life with it. Today we have lot of saving options available to us, like Mutual funds, IPOs, NSEs, Gold and real estate etc. For a middle class person it is not difficult to part rupees 1000 from his or her salary. These small saving done today can make our future more secure. Therefore timely and regular investments are very necessary for every individual. In terms of investment in India, Mutual funds have emerg

Strawberry- A Sweet and bright red fruit

Strawberry- A Sweet and bright red fruitEveryone knows strawberry is a sweet juicy heart shaped fruit. Everyone like them, we eat strawberry shakes, ice creams and jams. The botanical name of strawberry is Fragaria ananassa. The strawberry tree gets the red fruits in October and November. Although similar in size and appearance to real strawberries they have a very bitter taste. The pretty white bell-shaped flowers appear at the same time, and these will produce fruits the following year. Strawberries have grown wild for millennia in temperature regions throughout the world. They began being cultivated sometime before the Christian era. They are the highly prized fruits among Romans. Strawberries not only look like a fruity heart shaped valentines, they are filled with unusual phytonutrients that love to promote your health. Strawberries are rich in sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, sugar and proteins. Strawberries are currently produced in countries like United States, Canada, Fr

Travel Sickness

Today world is becoming a global village. Most of the world is now in the reach of common men around the world. Numbers of travel planes are available for rich to middle class families. Many low cost airlines have also boasted the air travel. Now an ordinary can also think about visiting faraway destinations. However all this is a vein if you suffer from travel sickness. Whether person is is traveling for a business or pleasure, motion sickness is an unpleasant experience. Travel sickness can occur with any kind of mode of travel like planes, trains, buses, ships and cars etc. The common symptoms of travel sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and lethargy. The cause of travel sickness arises due to semicircular canals of the inner ear. They are set deep in the thick skull bone and are the body’s balance mechanism. They got affected by the movements and vibration of travel. Some people have sensitive inner ear canals and are prone to sickness, especially on certain types o

Chanting- The act of singing in a monotonous tone

Chanting is the harmonious vocalization of key words, names and phrases that are used in ritual to attune one, raise energy, and celebrate success and to become centered. You can say chanting meditation, a religious prayer or a ritual ceremony. Chanting is supposed to alter the bad consciousness and raising psychic power or energy. Some claim it is the way to connect with god. The derived psychic power may be used for the purpose of magic, exorcism and healing. Chanting is an ancient and universal practice. It is usually done in the company of drumming, hand clapping, rattles and some other musical instruments. Chanting when combined with these activity increases emotional excitation and thus raises the psychic power. Sometimes the excitements build so high that frenzied state of consciousness occurs. The practice is recorded way back in Greek. It is believed that strong vibrations enhance the power of chant. Chanting is very common in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Chant

Importance and Medical role of Turmeric (Cur cumin) Wonder spice from India

There is a wonderful medicine hidden inside the drawers of every Kitchen and the name of this thing is Turmeric (known as Haldi in Hindi). However, the problem is that many people don't know about the exceptional benefits of turmeric in treating many illnesses and diseases. According to Ayurveda, Haldi has many medicinal values stored in it and by adding it to our diet we can get many health benefits.  The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years. Turmeric has a very important use in the Vedic culture of India. In India turmeric is principal spice and it is also of religious importance. Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron because of its brilliant yellow color. Indian turmeric is considered to the best in the world. The scientific name of turmeric is Cur cumin. Turmeric is the most important and auspicious substance in every Hindu function. Haldi is a very common name in every Indian household. All ceremonies begin with the use of haldi and kumkum. Turmeric has a lot

The Sweetest Fruit- Fig

Although considered a fruit, fig (Ficus carioca) is actually a flower that is inverted into it. The seeds are drupes, or real fruit. Figs are the only fruit to fully ripen and semi-dry on the tree. Fig is a one of juiciest, sweetest and most fragrant fruit. There are different varieties of figs which have different characteristics. Some of them are dark purple, whilst others are yellow and pale pink. Figs are some loving plants and are often seen around the Mediterranean countries. Figs are originally from small Asia and know as the one of the first cultivated ever. The Greeks have mentioned them around 60 A.C. Plato promoted fig as nutrition for athletes. The Greek are thought to know about twenty nine fig types. Officially figs were imported to Europe around 1600. Today there are more than 600 different fig types. For many years fig has been used as a coffee substitute. Figs contain a proteolytic enzyme that is considered an aid to digestion. Today figs are widely used by pharmaceuti

The Digestive system

Digestive system is the collective name used to describe the alimentary canal, some accessory organs (e.g. liver, pancreas) and a variety of digestive processes that take place at different levels in the tract to prepare the food that we eat, for absorption. The alimentary canal (tract) consists of *Mouth * Pharynx * Esophagus * Stomach * Small intestine * Large intestine * Rectum & anal canal About the Accessory Organs: - The accessory organs of digestion are the glands situated outside the tract and their secretions enter the tract through the ducts. These are: 1) Three pairs of salivary glands 2) Pancreas 3) Liver and the biliary tract The major activities of digestive system are: - a) Ingestion: Process of taking food into the alimentary tract b) Propulsion: Movement of contents along the tract c) Digestion: This consists of First Mechanical breakdown of food and Chemical digestion of food by the enzymes present in the secretions. d) Absorption: Process of p

HEPATITIS- Inside journey (1)

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, which result in liver cell damage and destruction. The major causes of hepatitis are specific hepatitis viruses, alcohol, and drugs. The other less common causes include other viruses (e.g. infectious mononucleosis, yellow fever, and cytomegalovirus) and leptospirosis. The parasitic infections (e.g. schistosomiasis, malaria, amebiasis) affect the liver but do not cause true hepatitis. Pyogenic infections and abscesses are also generally considered to separate problems. Involvement of the liver with TB and other granulomatous infiltrations is called granulomatous hepatitis, however clinical, biochemical, and histologic features differ from those of diffuse hepatitis. Various systemic infections and other illnesses may produce small focal areas of hepatic necrosis and inflammation. This nonspecific reactive hepatic causes minor liver function abnormalities but is usually asymptomatic. Hepatitis can be divided in two categories: • Acute hepatitis •

Rabeprazole- Latest Proton pump inhibitor

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have shown great success in treating acid-related gastrointestinal diseases. PPIs are now considered the drug of choice in managing patients with peptic ulcer diseases, gastro oesophageal reflux disease and Zollinger-Elison Syndrome. Rabeprazole is a new PPI and is found to have most potent gastric acid suppression as compared to other PPIs like pantoprazole, lansoprazole and omeprazole. Rabeprazole is not only the most potent but also has a significant quicker onset of acid inhibition. Rabeprazole also maintains the highest median pH values during the first 24 hrs & also pH>3 for higher time. Rebeprazole is superior to other PPIs with more consistent and prolonged acid inhibition. Rebeprazole has been found to be effective in treating patients of long term GERD healing maintenance, duodenal & gastric ulcers. Rebeprazole is found to have activity against H.pylori. In comparative trials, it is found to be more superior to ranitidine. Rebeprazole

Some secrets about NEPAL

Many people believe that Nepal is a small Asian country and there are not many things in Nepal for visit. Nepal which is also known as Himalayan kingdom has the richest and most diverse culture spread everywhere on it. There are hundred of temples, shrines, mountains, monuments and monasteries in this small country. Here one can hear the devotees singing hymns, chiming temple bells and playing drums. You will feel surprised when you know that Nepal holds 10 World Heritage Sites. Really a very high number when compared to this small country. These are- Everset National Park, Royal Chitawan National Park, Swayambhu, Bouddha, Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, Pashupatinath Temple, Katmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar Square, Lumbini. Now you can your imagine how diversified is Nepal.

Story of a bomb blast

This is a story of a bomb blast. This story is not different then the other blasts. It starts with a person planting a bomb in a bus. The bus was carrying many innocent people in it. It includes a small children, women, old age people and young bloods. One person in the bus was only son of his parents and he was going for an interview in a big company. His parents had spent everything of them to educate him. They have lot of hopes from their son. Their all the happiness was in their child success. In this bus a small girl child was also traveling. She was very sweet. She had not even learned completely to talk. In bus a newly married couple was also traveling. They were going for spending a holiday together. In this bus a man was taking money for his son’s treatment. His son was admitting in the hospital and for saving his life he had to deposit this money in the hospital. Suddenly an explosion occurs and most of them died. Few fanatic people have placed a bomb in bus to take revenge f

How it is to be free like a bird?

When ever I saw birds in the sky, I always wander why we are not free like them. We are most advances species on the earth but when comes to the freedom point we have least. Our most of the life is determined by others, directly or indirectly. A bird does not need anyone’s permission before flying. He has no direction to chose. His only aim is the search of food. He doesn’t have very big dreams. Bird’s lives life in today. Unlike them we are more burdened by the outcomes of tomorrow and in this way we spoil our present also. People go on doing hard work for securing their future. However some of them are never able to see this future. In childhood we work as par our parents and try to fulfill their dreams. In adulthood we are burdened by the family and children. On the reverse birds allows their children to be self sufficient and free them to choose their own directions. The bird’s does not have to choose any religion to follow and they are not guided by any god. They live truly in nat

Discover Himachal Pradesh- A rich state of India

India has always remained a country to discover. Every part of it has some thing different hidden in it. Today it is time to discuss about the Himachal Pradesh, a rich and vibrant state of India. Today Himachal has got the supreme position in Indian tourism industry. A person who goes to India and come back without seeing Himachal will be a person who has missed the golden chance to visit the land of Gods. Himachal is surrounded by beautiful hills, rivers and forests. One can say Himachal as the Switzerland of India. Himachal Pradesh first comes to existence with the formation of Chief Commissioner's province of H.P. on 15th, April 1948. Himachal become part C state on 26, january1950. Bilaspur was merged in Himachal on 1st July, 1954 and got the status of union territory on 1st November, 1956. On 1st November, 1966, Kangra and most of the other hill areas of Punjab were merged with Himachal. On 18th December, 1970 the State of Himachal Pradesh Act was passed by Parliament and the

People will never allow you to live your own life

I have noticed this feature in lot of humans. They never want other to live their life in their own way. They are always ready with their suggestion and some new directions for you. They behave like as they are controlling our life. Due to some relations we have to adjust them. Either they are our family friends, business associates or neighbors. They never want to allow us any freedom. They want that we should live our life according to them and give utmost importance to them. They never do any self analysis to know their worth. It is good to take advice from some intelligent and a successful person. However most of them are a failure in life but the treat themselves as the supreme success. I have no problem with their thought process but they should not try to affect my life. This may be the story of many like me. The main concern is that these conducts make our life less free for our own self. In my view we should more adhere with our life and not try to involve in the personal life

My mother was right when she said it was better to be a middle class

I always termed my mother a less confidence woman. She was grown in an atmosphere where was not allowed to take much decisions. She was never allowed to mix with the others. Her most of the life was inside a house where she had no say. I always listened to my mother telling that it is better to be middle class rather than be a rich family. However I always thought reverse of it. I thought why she was against of all this and told use not to use wrong ways to earn money. Tomorrow when I was watching the TV, I got chance to see four different cases. In first case the channel was showing the real life story of a woman who was married to a son of known lawyer of India. The boy was himself holding a good position in the government. Unfortunately, his behavior conduct was very bad; he usually misbehaves and tortures her. Second story is of the two sons of the big politicians of India who have shot dead a model in front of many. Third is the story of a boy who is hardly 21 of age but more tha

Understand different reasons behind terrorism

It is quite difficult to give accurate answer of this question. Some terrorists are fighting for their religion, some are for their independent country, some are against the social injustice and some are here for money. The one of the major reasons which comes out is religious intolerance. There are some religions in the world which are feeling insecure in present times. To put forward their voice they are using the way of terrorism. They are seeing the world as threat for their religion. The main reason behind them in taking this extreme step of terrorism may be that they are finding it hard to move with fast and informed world. They are seeing advancements in world as potential threat against their religion. They are fearful that their followers may discard them and chose other paths. Therefore, they are treating it as direct attack on their religion. Second reason behind terrorism is fight for independent countries. These fights are also to some extent are linked with religious sove

Good debt and bad debt

Every one of us must have received calls on telephone for asking for a free credit card and unsecured personal loans. Here the question arises whether we should take loan on credit cards or opt for an unsecured personal loan. Many of the financial planners are recommending the reasonable use of credit cards. It should be used as a legitimate financial planning tool. Many people go on revolving balance on there credit cards months after month, most of them do not know if they have maintained a good track record of paying minimum payment for six months then they should be a eligible for a secured loan with interest of about 10%/year. This would be much cheaper than taken money from credit card. For planning our financial needs we should have the knowledge of ‘good debt’ and ‘bad debt’. If we broadly speak good debt is used to create long term assets and for increasing income generation. In this category we can include the loans like education loan, loan taken to acquire or construct a ho

Train of Thoughts

Trains are the greatest system of transportation today. They can carry us any where. Trains move from one location to other on the specific time table. Similarly like them train of thoughts have specific directions and time table. Right now our trains of thought moving in the direction which path we have chosen way back in past or choosing now or will choose in future. There is always an initial thought which is like locomotive. The locomotive always has thoughts linking to it and therefore a long chain of thoughts run inside our mind and leads to conditions in your life leading to desired, or undesired destinations. If you are really interested in the destination towards which your train of your thoughts is headed, then you can invite your thought in that particular direction. A train of thought filled with separation, fear, rejection, guilt will be leading to a destination of depression, illness, unhappiness and depleted energy. These all are unhappy destinations. A train which is fu

Blogging can become a best pension plan

Updated 11/3/08 Blogging offer a great potential of good pension plan for large number of bloggers who start blogging from their early age. Blogging is one segment where people’s income increase considerably with time and second, they also get returns of their old work for whole life. People who are able to earn $ 0.10/day today can easily increase their earnings up to $ 2-5/day within one or two years of time. Within five years of constant blogging, this earning can increase up to $ 50-150/day depending upon the hard work and luck of a blogger. Thus a blogger starting with earnings of less than $ 5/month can start earning $ 1500-4500 dollar per month, which roughly comes out to be Rs 60000- 180000 per month. Therefore, a regular habit of blogging can easily increase the earning potential of a person. Now, if a person blogs for 15 long years then with this rate of earning he can think of earning anything between $5000-15000 /month, which roughly comes out to be Rs 6000000-18000000 per

Know more about antibiotics

Antibiotics are magic bullets for many of us. The people who have suffered from deadly diseases and are saved only due to these antibiotics only know their relevance. Antibiotics are drugs which kill or slow the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics are one class of antimicrobials, a large group which also contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-pyretic drugs. They are relatively harmless to host, therefore used for treating diseases. Initially the term antibiotic was only used for living organisms, however now term antibiotic is also used to synthetic antimicrobials like sulfonamides. Antibiotics are small molecules with lesser body weight and they are not enzymes. Some antibiotics are made from molds. Unlike the previous treatments available like poisons, antibiotics are more beneficial as they do not harm the host. Conventional antibiotics are not effective on viral, fungal and other non bacterial infections. Antibiotics are categorized on the basis of spectrum they cover. Antibiotics w

Have you seen UFOs?

What are UFOs? Has anybody seen them in real or all this an imaginations. UFOs have always fascinated many people on this world. Many people have spend there whole life in proving there existence. UFOs are reported seen by many people around the world. For the some day’s hue and cry were made then every thing become normal again. Some people complained burned due to them and some even reported their kidnaps by the UFOs. The Governments have never shown any keen interest in the search of UFOs. They always have denied this phenomenon. It may be any thing however you can enjoy some of the photographs available of UFOs and stories about them.

Who got bangalored?

Recently a word which has link with India got added in to dictionary. It is on the name of Indian city Bangalore. The city which started the trend of call centers in India. Due to which lot of jobs are outsourced to India. The word is added in verb form and it is “bangalored”. A person is said to be bangalored if he lost his job due to his job being outsourced to Bangalore or any other city of India. You can also type this word in Google and know its meaning. This was a big issue in recent presidential elections. People who have lost there job were protested against out sourcing. In future we may see lot of addition of these kinds. Also read- Bangalore Blasts

I got her

Ravi was the alone son of his parents. Therefore he was brought up in lot of caring atmosphere. Always he had every thing available to him. He had never to ask for anything in his life. This was story of time when he was a second year student in the college. He was the favorites of his friends because he spent lot of money on them. Ones he was moving with his friends to a picnic spot. At the picnic spot when all of his friends were enjoying the picnic, at the same time he was moving on the roadside along the forest. Hardly he was gone a few more steps away, he listened the voice of weeping. It was the voice of a woman. He went in the direction of voice. He realized there a beautiful girl was weeping. The girl was seating on a stone. He decided to enquire from her. He told her why she was weeping and what were her griefs. She did not give any reply to him and ran from that place. He decided not to go behind her. He came back to his friends and they all left the spot. But the girl face h

Dark skin people have less chances of developing skin cancer

Let’s study how dark people have less caches of skin cancer. For this we have to first understand the type of sun rays and there role in our body. There are mainly two types of damaging ultraviolet sunlight, UVA and UVB. UVA has an effect of ageing the skin and causing wrinkles and the damage to inner layers of the skin. UVB causes sun tanning but also burning. It can also cause other damaging to the skin. In some people, too much UVB may cause skin cancer. Dark skinned people have greater amount and different form of melanin in their skin; moreover they also produce more melanin after times spend in sun light. Dark skinned people are much less sensitive than fair-skinned people. Melanin absorbs ultraviolet radiation, like a sun blocker. Therefore the cell beneath the melanin remains protected. However all people are at risk if exposed to too much of sun rays. People with fair skin, freckles, red or ginger hair are most risk. In general, darker the skin, lesser is the chances of develo

Role of dreams in our life

People who have dreams, have vision and those who have vision, have determination for completing it and finally they have the success. Dreams play a major role in the success of most of the people. First step in becoming successful is having a dream for it. People who not dream can mostly ever succeed. If they are two students with equally good potential and knowledge then one of them who have big dreams will be a winner in life. It is easy to judge people from there dreams. We can tell about people by judging there dreams. Very few people are able to dream big otherwise most of people live the life of a mediocre. Second step in the success is how strongly we believe in our dreams and third step is how strong efforts we are putting to achieve these dreams. It is right that dreams only can not make us a successful person. We are required to put strong effort to fulfill our dreams. Ones a student was interviewed the dean of a agriculture university. Dean asked the student why he wants to