Is there any hidden nexus between Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors?

Up to the time, I have not joined this profession; I thought medical profession is like a great service to mankind. I considered doctors near to God only. God wants me to show the reality behind this good face, so provides me the chance to work with two leading pharmaceutical companies of the India. I am not saying that all the profession has become dirty; however there are few people in this profession which have sold it. Money is the only motive for them to coming into this profession.

Ten year back consumer was not as wise the consumers of today. Many people now know that there is a huge difference between the manufacturing cost and the selling cost. Some cases these differences are extraordinary large, like in pharmaceutical industry. One tablet which costs to the patient rupees 10 is actually manufactured at rupees 0.20 only, which makes a way for huge profits. Due to huge margin the number of players has increased tremendously in the industry. Today there are more than 50000 listed or non listed pharma companies in India.

All this has increased the corruption at the doctor’s level. Some of these small companies are offering some share of money to the doctors and these options look to doctors as easy way to earn money. There are many ways by which a company can oblige their doctors. First and the oldest one are gifts. The Gifts range from a small clip to an even expensive car. Second way is sponsorships; certain companies sponsor the doctor’s meets, travel and outdoor activities. Third and the newest one is direct exchange of money. Many doctors are now accepting direct money from the companies.

To all this the main thing is that the main loser in this is patient. Many doctors write expensive medicines by taking money and some even compromise with the quality of the drug. Still the big companies are away from direct investments. There are also many doctors in the country who still prefer to write for only good pharmaceutical companies. Only few money oriented doctors are damaging this great profession for their monetary gains. People awareness is one of the things which can help in solving this problem.


  1. Well said,i applaud your blog,mental health consumers are the least capable of self advocacy,my doctors made me take zyprexa for 4 years which was ineffective for my symptoms.I now have a victims support page against Eli Lilly for it's Zyprexa product causing my diabetes.--Daniel Haszard

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