After mobile phones it is the time for Laptops and Notebooks

Eight years back it was very difficult for a common man to think about mobile phone in India. The mobile phones were in the reach of very-2 few elite persons. At that time mobile represents the status symbol in India. It was even difficult to receive an incoming because it costs to receive an incoming. Most of the handsets are highly priced. However under the wise leadership of Indian government the whole situation has changed. There is a sharp decline in the price of handsets and call charges. Today handsets are available as low of Rupees 500 ($ 10) only, a decline of 10 times in price. Today mobile call charges have become like free.

Recent introduction of India one plain by state owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Ingam Ltd) in which you can call any where in India for one minute in one rupee, has intensified the competition. At the end of this year we can also see the full fledge launch of 3G network in India, which will make India one of few countries with this facility. Already partial 3G network is available in India. Mobile technology may be WLL or GSM has emerged as big hope in provided complete coverage to India. Many rural areas are today connected with the country due to this advancement in technology.

After telecom the other thing which has big future in India is Information Technology. The uses of computers have seen tremendous growth in past years. Laptops which were only in the hand of few individuals are becoming come things of today. Within last four years an average price of laptop has decreased by four times. Now a 1.7, 40 GB, centrino model is available for only rupees 45000 ($ 900) only. With the increasing market and demand we could see further decrease in their prices. Then this will make another success for India.
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