My mother was right when she said it was better to be a middle class

I always termed my mother a less confidence woman. She was grown in an atmosphere where was not allowed to take much decisions. She was never allowed to mix with the others. Her most of the life was inside a house where she had no say. I always listened to my mother telling that it is better to be middle class rather than be a rich family. However I always thought reverse of it. I thought why she was against of all this and told use not to use wrong ways to earn money.

Tomorrow when I was watching the TV, I got chance to see four different cases. In first case the channel was showing the real life story of a woman who was married to a son of known lawyer of India. The boy was himself holding a good position in the government. Unfortunately, his behavior conduct was very bad; he usually misbehaves and tortures her. Second story is of the two sons of the big politicians of India who have shot dead a model in front of many. Third is the story of a boy who is hardly 21 of age but more than millions of underworld money in his accounts.

Fourth is the story of a boy of big person who had gangue raped a teenager girl with his friends. All this stories revealed that these boys had remained in the atmosphere where they have no directions in life. They got most of the things in life without efforts. This makes them to think that everything is easy available and they can do things in their own way. In this way they made the life hell of so many people. In rich societies parents have very less time for their children and therefore chances of their being spoiled are more?
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