Which is better yahoo mail or rediff mail?

Both the e-mail services are best in themselves. In the growth of yahoo and rediff, their mail service has major role. They have become hit brand names only due to free e-mail service started by them. Today they are also providing lot of other functions and services. In India these both services are clear cut winner. 85% of people in India only use these services only. Major reason behind their success is their good track record. These e-mail sites have helped billions of Indians in communicating with their friends and relatives.
When function wise we try to compare them then yahoo has some certain edge, however rediff have also introduced new features which are totally innovative in themselves. Yahoo also allows use of html codes to some extent, whereas rediff is poor in html coding. Last year both these joint hands to co-market each other brands, so that it is beneficial for each of them. Both of them are providing 1 GB of free space, which is a very huge space for its user. Reason for initial success of rediff is its simple ness and better connectivity. For people who are more advanced, yahoo has more advanced features.
The other benefit of yahoo is success of yahoo messenger. Yahoo messenger is very popular among younger generation, where as the messenger service of rediff i.e. rediffbol is still a non starter. In the end we can say both these sites are trying to cater different individuals with different backgrounds.
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