How it is to be free like a bird?

When ever I saw birds in the sky, I always wander why we are not free like them. We are most advances species on the earth but when comes to the freedom point we have least. Our most of the life is determined by others, directly or indirectly. A bird does not need anyone’s permission before flying. He has no direction to chose. His only aim is the search of food. He doesn’t have very big dreams. Bird’s lives life in today. Unlike them we are more burdened by the outcomes of tomorrow and in this way we spoil our present also. People go on doing hard work for securing their future. However some of them are never able to see this future. In childhood we work as par our parents and try to fulfill their dreams. In adulthood we are burdened by the family and children. On the reverse birds allows their children to be self sufficient and free them to choose their own directions. The bird’s does not have to choose any religion to follow and they are not guided by any god. They live truly in nature, enjoy it and die in it. We human beings are always under pressure from our parents, families, religions and societies. Most of them try to mould us in their ways. Due to these pressures we are never able to fulfill our freedom. We only become the puppets and not the real human beings of nature.


  1. Always think people should live more like birds...a simple life. I watch birds teaching their babies to be adults. I watch them fight too! Ah yes, to be a free bird.

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