SMS (Short Messaging Service) - An easy way to be connected with your friends and family

Eight years back when mobile phones entered in India then nobody had thought that how they could change our lives. One of the services of mobile phone is SMS (Short Messaging Service). Initial it took few years for people to understand its advantages. Also interconnectivity between various mobile operators slowed down its use. Some people thought that how foolish it is to write message when you can call the other person. However the old policies of telecom sector come in the advantage of SMS.

Five years back call charges in India were very expensive and they were directly related to the distance. More is the geographical distance, more will the call charges. Where as SMS have same rates through out India. Second advantage for SMS comes when many mobile operators offered free SMS packs. Therefore people preferred to SMS then to make expensive calls. Many experts also apprehended that SMS will soon die when more new advanced technologies will emerge. However up to now reverse of this is going one.

Every year SMS are seeing huge growth in numbers. All this can be contributed to the growth in telecom sector and free services provided by the Mobile operators. Huge sums of profits for mobile operators are coming from SMS services and it is also supposed to multiply soon. Three year back, I only send average one SMS per day but now the number have increased up to fifty SMS per day. One of the other reasons for SMS success is their simplicity, you can be in contact of your loved one and that is with out disturbing them.

Enjoy SMSing.
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