Chanting- The act of singing in a monotonous tone

Chanting is the harmonious vocalization of key words, names and phrases that are used in ritual to attune one, raise energy, and celebrate success and to become centered. You can say chanting meditation, a religious prayer or a ritual ceremony. Chanting is supposed to alter the bad consciousness and raising psychic power or energy. Some claim it is the way to connect with god. The derived psychic power may be used for the purpose of magic, exorcism and healing. Chanting is an ancient and universal practice.

It is usually done in the company of drumming, hand clapping, rattles and some other musical instruments. Chanting when combined with these activity increases emotional excitation and thus raises the psychic power. Sometimes the excitements build so high that frenzied state of consciousness occurs. The practice is recorded way back in Greek. It is believed that strong vibrations enhance the power of chant. Chanting is very common in Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity.

Chants are composed of names, words and syllables, including nonsensical ones. The favorite and widely accepted chants are name of Gods. They are considered strongest chants in the world. Various chants in Hinduism and Buddhism use Om, which represent the Brahman (the supreme god). Followers of Islam chant the ninety nine names of called “the Beautiful Names.” Diadochus of Photice recommended the chanting of the name of Jesus in prayer for Christians during the fifth century.
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