Role of dreams in our life

People who have dreams, have vision and those who have vision, have determination for completing it and finally they have the success. Dreams play a major role in the success of most of the people. First step in becoming successful is having a dream for it. People who not dream can mostly ever succeed. If they are two students with equally good potential and knowledge then one of them who have big dreams will be a winner in life.

It is easy to judge people from there dreams. We can tell about people by judging there dreams. Very few people are able to dream big otherwise most of people live the life of a mediocre. Second step in the success is how strongly we believe in our dreams and third step is how strong efforts we are putting to achieve these dreams. It is right that dreams only can not make us a successful person. We are required to put strong effort to fulfill our dreams.

Ones a student was interviewed the dean of a agriculture university. Dean asked the student why he wants to do this course. In his reply student told the dean that he dream of earning millions in farming like his fathers dream of. Dean asked student does his father have earned millions from farming. He replied no, he has only dreams. That is why we may be successful or not, what we should have big dreams to start with. Therefore student was selected by the dean of college.
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