Unending pressures of life and blood pressure

Blood pressure is a common disease in today world. More and more people are becoming the victim of blood pressure with the passage of time. Initially it was thought that this disease only affects the fat people. However, now day’s slim people are also found to be more sensitive to it. Fat body puts lot of pressure on heart and therefore increases the chances of blood pressure. The other major reason for blood pressure is increasing life tensions and pressure.

Today’s life is very fast. Expectations from us are very large as compared to few years back. Technology advanced has increased the work load on us. Mobile phones help us in communication; however they are also responsible for disturbing our sleeps and peace. Somewhere this fast life has facilitated less and put more pressure on our life. Due to all this activities we are moving away from our natural behaviors. Toady’s food is less in vitamins, calories, fibers and proteins but they are full of free radicals and synthetics.

All these things disbalance our hormonal system and put lot of excess pressure on our body. Therefore our body under lot of pressure from all these activities becomes sensitive to most of diseases and one of most common disease is blood pressure. In the short line all this unending pressure of life is causing diseases like blood pressure. We can avoid diseases like blood pressure if we are able to do some positive changes in our life. All the advancements in this world are made for our help and not for making us slaves of them. Small exercising activities combined with healthy diet could uplift our living standard.

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