Importance and Medical role of Turmeric (Cur cumin) Wonder spice from India

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There is a wonderful medicine hidden inside the drawers of every Kitchen and the name of this thing is Turmeric (known as Haldi in Hindi). However, the problem is that many people don't know about the exceptional benefits of turmeric in treating many illnesses and diseases. According to Ayurveda, Haldi has many medicinal values stored in it and by adding it to our diet we can get many health benefits. 

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years. Turmeric has a very important use in the Vedic culture of India. In India turmeric is principal spice and it is also of religious importance. Turmeric is also known as Indian saffron because of its brilliant yellow color. Indian turmeric is considered to the best in the world. The scientific name of turmeric is Cur cumin.

Turmeric is the most important and auspicious substance in every Hindu function. Haldi is a very common name in every Indian household. All ceremonies begin with the use of haldi and kumkum. Turmeric has a lot of medical significance. From the Vedic times, turmeric is used in the treatment of my ailments. Today science has recognized the role of turmeric in treating illness.

Medical role of Turmeric (Cur cumin)-

Turmeric is used for the treatment of anorexia, liver disorders, cough, diabetic wounds, rheumatism, and sinusitis. It is currently being evaluated for its anti-carcinogenic and anti-mutagenic properties. Turmeric plays a vital role in day to day life. It is the only ingredient which is used for all type of cooking. It is a natural skin conditioner, heals cuts, burns, and wounds. Turmeric is used as a main and basic formula for all health and skin care products. Below are some uses of Turmeric.

1) In Wound infections: - Just sprinkle a bit of turmeric on cuts and scrapes after they have been thoroughly washed. Turmeric is found to have anti-bacterial action which prevents bacterial wound infection.
2) In digestive aid: - Turmeric helps in the stimulation of flow of bile, which helps in digestion of fats.
3) In Liver protection: - Cur cumin is found to have a protective effect on the damaged liver tissues. Use of alcohol and drugs increases the chances of liver damage. Turmeric may help in reducing the damage to some extent.
4) In Arthritis: - Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory action helps relieve wound inflammation and thus treat arthritis.
5) In Heart disorders: - Studies have shown that turmeric’s cholesterol-reducing properties. It also prevents the internal blood clots that trigger a heart attack and some strokes.
6) In intestinal parasites: - Turmeric fights protozoan and thus supports in treating dysentery.

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