I have gained 8 kg of weight due to my laziness

In last few months I have gained weight very fast. The problem is that the major gain in weight is at waist. My stomach has started slightly coming out. Some people are fat in whole body. Fat is equally distributed in their whole body. This makes some sense. At least their body is in equilibrium but in my state my stomach only is coming out. When I was a child I always wonder that why people stomach comes out.

I was a thin child in my whole life. At that time what ever I eat, my body remains in the same condition. Hardly two year back situations started changing. I started gaining weight. From a thin person with 57 kg weight a grown to a person with 75 kg weight. All this resulted in lose of many of my paints. My waist from 28 to increased 34. This is my major concern; major weight gain is at stomach region.

There are two major reasons behind my sudden weight gain, first is laziness and lack of exercise second one is irregular eating habits. Due to laziness I stopped exercising completely. Today I am not doing any exercise or yoga. Second due to frequent travel my eating habits have become disturbed. Many times I miss my meal and many times there is very less difference between two meals. This all has also resulted in the intake of more fast food.

Tomorrow when I tried to wear a two year old paint then I have to put some extra work to wear it. Even after wearing it I felt uncomfortable. I still find that I have some time, from where I can change my habits. Otherwise I will also suffer like many other people who have unshaped bodies. After some time all this will result as blood pressure and diabetics. If I am not able to shape my body now then I will never be able get a healthy and well shaped body.

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