Blogging can become a best pension plan

Updated 11/3/08

Blogging offer a great potential of good pension plan for large number of bloggers who start blogging from their early age. Blogging is one segment where people’s income increase considerably with time and second, they also get returns of their old work for whole life. People who are able to earn $ 0.10/day today can easily increase their earnings up to $ 2-5/day within one or two years of time. Within five years of constant blogging, this earning can increase up to $ 50-150/day depending upon the hard work and luck of a blogger.

Thus a blogger starting with earnings of less than $ 5/month can start earning $ 1500-4500 dollar per month, which roughly comes out to be Rs 60000- 180000 per month. Therefore, a regular habit of blogging can easily increase the earning potential of a person. Now, if a person blogs for 15 long years then with this rate of earning he can think of earning anything between $5000-15000 /month, which roughly comes out to be Rs 6000000-18000000 per month.

Already, there are large numbers of bloggers from around the world, who are earning lakhs of rupees per month and mostly, they have achieved this milestone in average 3 to 5 year time frame. Here we can easily give the example of famous Australian blogger Darren Rowse of, who has according to Wall street Journal earned around 1 crore rupees in 2007 just by blogging, whereas, he is only five year old in blogging. Now, people who can blog constantly for 25 years can easily think for earning lakhs of rupees per month. Moreover, people can even hope to earn good pension income from their blog even if they stop or reduce working on their blog.

This whole presentation may look like a dream for some people, however, these dreams are already made true by hundred of bloggers from the around the world. Though, it is not possible to exactly anticipate the income year after year and even sometime income can decrease during some years, however, still constant blogging mixed with popularity of blog can make wonders for any blogger. In countries like India, large number of people will even feel very happy to earn few lakh rupees from blogging. Today, blogging has strongly established itself in the online world and offer a great potential in near future. Overall, it depends on the each blogger, how he exploits this opportunity.

Note- Please note that blogger are also required to work on number of things like blog design, online marketing and SEO skills to achieve these heights and only simple blogging may yield big results.

Enjoy blogging.

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