People will never allow you to live your own life

I have noticed this feature in lot of humans. They never want other to live their life in their own way. They are always ready with their suggestion and some new directions for you. They behave like as they are controlling our life. Due to some relations we have to adjust them. Either they are our family friends, business associates or neighbors. They never want to allow us any freedom. They want that we should live our life according to them and give utmost importance to them.
They never do any self analysis to know their worth. It is good to take advice from some intelligent and a successful person. However most of them are a failure in life but the treat themselves as the supreme success. I have no problem with their thought process but they should not try to affect my life. This may be the story of many like me. The main concern is that these conducts make our life less free for our own self. In my view we should more adhere with our life and not try to involve in the personal life matters of others.
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