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Are you a new writer? You have started writing few days back. You have no experience of writing earlier. You do not know much about writing. Your English is not up to mark then you can rely on is a site which allows you to write abstracts of news from various news papers and magazines. When a person starts writing the he has lot of fears about writing and if he is from a non English speaking country then the problems are even worst.

People mostly do not know what to write and how to write. At that time it is a good idea to write abstracts of news published in various news papers and magazines. You simply took a good article from a news paper and try to rewrite in your own language. It will help you in learning many things which are difficult to learn otherwise. It will provide you inside into writing. You will be able to learn how writer have put his views forward. This is a best and simple exercise.

Secondly you could be paid to write these abstracts. pays 10% the earning to writers. Initially for at least three months, one should not concentrate on earning rather he should concentrate on writing only. Initial earnings from are not very encouraging; however with regular and good writing you can earn some extra money. The good point is pays to its writers. Your earning could start with few cents and may reach up to few dollars.

However the main advantage is learning and who knows that becomes hit or your writing becomes hit and you start earning good money. Avoid some of the mistake which new writers do like copy rights violation. Do not post these abstracts with your name on other sites. This may create problem for you. So enjoy your learning with and earn few dollars also.
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