Why only 1% of people control this world?

If we count the people who control the world then we can easily do it. They are very less in numbers as compared to the whole population of world. Why so many people have given their fate in the hand these few individuals? To get the answer of this question we have to look back into past. Into the time from where we have evolved. Humans have also evolved from animals. Still today many of the animal behaviors could be found in humans. Many people in this world behave like animals; therefore we see rapes, murders and violence so often.

In animals fear is one of the most common behaviors. Animals live their life under fears. Fear of being eaten or thrown out of their world. Therefore they take shelter in the surveillance of a strong animal. It is the reason why we find most of the animals in groups. In groups people also find them fearless. In initial stage of human evolution people made small groups and then these groups become kingdoms with a king. King is the strong man who has the powers to protect people from outer world.

For the whole of mankind history we have remained in the control of few individuals. Till today these kinds of combinations are continuing. People are simply relaying behind the person who is taking challenges for them. Like rats we want a person who could bell a cat. Some of these people exploit there powers and become destroyers themselves. Last 100 years there is a change in the position of common men around the world. Now power has started moving in the hands of more people. Today we could see there are 2% of people who control our fate.

You may say this is still a small number but what is not done in thousand years have been done in last few year. Soon this power will spread in the hand of many more people. Also the value of common man will increase in society. By the beginning of 3000, we could see power in the hands of 5% people and more general freedoms to a common man.

A freedom drive for everyone.

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