We want to change the whole world but not ourselves

This is a common tendency among all of us. We are fighting to change the whole world but we do not want to change our self. We are doing lot of charity programs which are focused towards changing the world. We are fighting for making this world a good place for everyone but we never realize how we are responsible in making others life hell. There are many people in this world who are running lot of charitable organizations. The primary role of these organizations is to improve the living standard of people. They are fighting for the welfare of others.

However many of them are people who are not able to make their parents, wives and children happy. They want to make this whole world a good place to live in but they are not able to provide a good atmosphere at there homes. How we can accept that these people can change the life of others when they are unable to change their own lives. If we all simply starts making our homes a good place to live in then we could also change this world. By doing this simple thing we can change the whole world and for all this we do not need big organizations and others help.

These small steps are more helpful then the big organization and could attain what these big organization are not able to attain. Before giving any service to country or community we should be able to serve our families well. If everyone follows this simple step then we could change the picture of this whole world. However unfortunately we behave different at different place. Some people are good to society and bad for their family and on the other side some are good to family and bad to society. Why we do not recognize this simple truth that all this things are interrelated. A happy family is not possible without a happy society and happy society is not possible without a happy family.

Every change in this world starts with the change in our self.

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