Travel Sickness

Today world is becoming a global village. Most of the world is now in the reach of common men around the world. Numbers of travel planes are available for rich to middle class families. Many low cost airlines have also boasted the air travel. Now an ordinary can also think about visiting faraway destinations. However all this is a vein if you suffer from travel sickness. Whether person is is traveling for a business or pleasure, motion sickness is an unpleasant experience. Travel sickness can occur with any kind of mode of travel like planes, trains, buses, ships and cars etc.

The common symptoms of travel sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and lethargy. The cause of travel sickness arises due to semicircular canals of the inner ear. They are set deep in the thick skull bone and are the body’s balance mechanism. They got affected by the movements and vibration of travel. Some people have sensitive inner ear canals and are prone to sickness, especially on certain types of journeys.

Treatments: - 1) Keep calm and relaxed before and during travel.
2) Encourage activities such as looking at distant objects.
3) Discourage activities such as reading and games that require close visual concentration.
4) Lie down, if possible, because this rests the inner ear canals and reduces the urge to vomit.
5) If travel by car, stop regularly for breaks. If possible passengers should use the front seat.
6) Do not take heavy meal before traveling or during the journey.
7) Also do not travel with empty stomach. Always take some light and easily digestible food.
8) Meditation can help travel sick patients.

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