I got her

Ravi was the alone son of his parents. Therefore he was brought up in lot of caring atmosphere. Always he had every thing available to him. He had never to ask for anything in his life. This was story of time when he was a second year student in the college. He was the favorites of his friends because he spent lot of money on them. Ones he was moving with his friends to a picnic spot. At the picnic spot when all of his friends were enjoying the picnic, at the same time he was moving on the roadside along the forest. Hardly he was gone a few more steps away, he listened the voice of weeping. It was the voice of a woman.

He went in the direction of voice. He realized there a beautiful girl was weeping. The girl was seating on a stone. He decided to enquire from her. He told her why she was weeping and what were her griefs. She did not give any reply to him and ran from that place. He decided not to go behind her. He came back to his friends and they all left the spot. But the girl face had done magic on Ravi. He was seeing the girl every where. In every girl he was seeing her. He decided to go back there and search her. He reached at the spot and enquired about her with people. Nobody had seen any girl there. They told him that at that where he seen the girl, there was an old house and many years back few girls live there.

However for long nobody was staying there. He decided to visit that old house because he had seen the girl running towards it. While reaching at the house he was some what surprised with the condition of house. The house was in bad shape. He knocked at the door of house. A reply came from the house to wait. A woman in 80’s opens the door and asked him to come inside. He told him that she knows that he will be coming here. He asked about the girl from the woman. The woman told him that it was not possible for anybody to reach to that girl because she was dead way back. Ravi got surprised how it was possible he had seen her just few days back. She told him that many people had reported the same episode.

He took him to photograph and told him to recognize her. He told her that the girl in the photograph was not her. The old woman got surprised. She told that every one had earlier recognized the photograph. Then a girl came from the inside with a glass of water. When he saw her, he immediately recognized her. He told old woman that she was her. The old woman told him that she was her granddaughter. He told the old lady that he wanted to marry her granddaughter. The old woman agreed and they stayed happily there after.

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