Train of Thoughts

Trains are the greatest system of transportation today. They can carry us any where. Trains move from one location to other on the specific time table. Similarly like them train of thoughts have specific directions and time table. Right now our trains of thought moving in the direction which path we have chosen way back in past or choosing now or will choose in future. There is always an initial thought which is like locomotive. The locomotive always has thoughts linking to it and therefore a long chain of thoughts run inside our mind and leads to conditions in your life leading to desired, or undesired destinations.

If you are really interested in the destination towards which your train of your thoughts is headed, then you can invite your thought in that particular direction. A train of thought filled with separation, fear, rejection, guilt will be leading to a destination of depression, illness, unhappiness and depleted energy. These all are unhappy destinations. A train which is full of thoughts of love, joy, faith, praise and thanks clearly heads towards healthy destinations. Which are full of health, prosperity and happiness etc? We can change our life by changing the direction of trains of thoughts.

When you realize that your train of thoughts is headed towards unwanted direction than you have the privilege to change the direction gradually in parts. There are always stations along way, in our mind where we can make the switch in train of thoughts. Simply we can realize that our directions are headed in wrong direction, where you have no desire to go. On these stations you can get out of the wrong train and catch the train which is going in right direction. In simple term good thoughts have lot of helping our well being and happiness.
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