Where to invest hard earned savings for better returns

Many of us do not give proper importance to saving. They think that it is wastage of money and time to save money. They want to enjoy life today. I also have the same view till I read an article which was telling how to become a millionaire by saving small amount of money. According to this article if a person saves Rupees 1000/month for 25 years and if, he was available to get the return of 11% then he will be having more then Rupees 10000000. If the person saves Rupees 2000 then he can save up to rupees 26000000. Which is a very big amount in India and a person can live happy life with it.

Today we have lot of saving options available to us, like Mutual funds, IPOs, NSEs, Gold and real estate etc. For a middle class person it is not difficult to part rupees 1000 from his or her salary. These small saving done today can make our future more secure. Therefore timely and regular investments are very necessary for every individual. In terms of investment in India, Mutual funds have emerged as the main choice of all. Mutual funds have given highest returns on the investment (18-19%). On second number comes the construction and land sector (14-15%). Many people who have wisely purchased lands way back are able to get good returns today.

On third number comes the gold which has given good returns especially in last few years. Gold prices have become double in last five-six years. These options have emerged as the best option for investing and getting good returns from savings. Out of all three mutual funds are showing lot more promise and return for next six-seven years. People are also highly relying on them, which is true from the mega success of Reliance equity funds. This has emerged as the biggest mutual fund in capital asset in India.

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