Love is everywhere

Yes, love is every where. Love is in me, Love is in you and Love is there in everything on this earth because love is God and God is Love. Love provides us the opportunity to have the divine experience. Scientifically it is difficult to tell the causes of love. Still Love can do miracles. It does not cost anything to share and give Love. True Love always multiplies itself and never reduces. Now the question arises how to tell which true Love is and which is a fake one.

This question has very simple answer. We can never now the real feeling of the other person and for searching true love, we also do not need to worry about it. If our own feelings are true then it is defiantly a true love. We do not need other acceptance or approval for it. In love it matters only how we are ready to give. It is very easy to give love to others. We will always get many times more love in return. However there is one condition that our love should be free of any expectation.

Indian God Krishna only did love and love. He is a symbol of love and picture of love itself. We usually run here and there in the search of love and never find it but we forget to search what is near us. Love is here in our self, only we need to give it to other. If you offer others love then they are not going to return you hatred. They will also return you love. Love is very simple still so many people are not able to understand because they do not love themselves. First lesson in love is to love you.
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