Story of a bomb blast

This is a story of a bomb blast. This story is not different then the other blasts. It starts with a person planting a bomb in a bus. The bus was carrying many innocent people in it. It includes a small children, women, old age people and young bloods. One person in the bus was only son of his parents and he was going for an interview in a big company. His parents had spent everything of them to educate him. They have lot of hopes from their son. Their all the happiness was in their child success. In this bus a small girl child was also traveling. She was very sweet. She had not even learned completely to talk. In bus a newly married couple was also traveling. They were going for spending a holiday together. In this bus a man was taking money for his son’s treatment. His son was admitting in the hospital and for saving his life he had to deposit this money in the hospital.

Suddenly an explosion occurs and most of them died. Few fanatic people have placed a bomb in bus to take revenge from the government. They want their freedom or their religion supremacy by killing these innocent people. They are boldly taking the responsibility of this act. They want to show the world how strong they are? And they can kill anybody. These fool never realize that they can never get their freedom by taking the freedom of others. For getting freedom they should first respect the freedom of others. They have killed two more people by killing the only son of parents. What they have got by killing the innocent girl who has just come to this world. Why killing few people they are making so many people helpless. I think they are mad or they do not have sense to realize or there is some deep root problem in their thinking. For me this is the most coward act on earth by the most coward man on earth who does not have guts to face the world.
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