What are the major reasons behind constipation?

Constipation is very common among today’s individuals. Few reasons for the constipation are related with food and others are with the life style. Though constipation is not a very harmful disease but it can spoil the normal life of a person. Constipation takes enjoyment of life away from person and also long term constipation may cause many diseases. Below are the few of reasons associated with the cause of constipation.
1) Number one and major reason is not taking enough fibers in the food. Fibers are part of plants which are not digested by our body. They work as the cleaning agents of gut. They help the bowl to work well.
2) Second major reason for constipation is not enough intakes of fluids. This makes the stool harder and may lead to constipation. If we intake enough fluids then the stool will be soft and it will easily pass out.
3) Some medicines are also found to cause constipation; these are usually the side effects of these medicines.
4) In dieting many people stop the intake of hard food which make their food fiber deficient and may cause constipation.
5) The hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause constipation.
6) Some long tern illness also increases the chances of constipation.
7) Tea and coffee are one of major reason behind constipation because they increase the amount of liquid in urine and leave very less liquid in gut.
8) There are also lots of reasons for constipation which are unknown and these constipations are known as ‘idiopathic’.
9) Some syndromes are also responsible for constipation like IBD and IBS etc.

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