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More wait

People who are using Google adsense need to wait for more time to get the best from it. Google has introduced Google/ad sense video ads which look some promising but Google has these ads in very less amount. Therefore webmasters need to need to wait for more time to get the suitable revenue from the Google/adsense.

Alert for Orkut users

There is a special alert for people using Some of the users of orkut may get a mail from a girl and she may ask to join at because she uses it more. The mail will provide you with link to her profile, however this link to profile is actually a link to join page of site named Friendorama. This site claim to unit the singles from the entire world, however the problems is that this site is totally paid. Only people can receive message and for sending message they need to become paid member. The objectionable thing is that the photos used in this profile are slightly prone and this site is using wrong methods for getting members. Over this entire site only looks money generating method and nothing else. In the last one month, I have received two mails to join this site, showing a well planned strategy behind it. Therefore it becomes advisable to go for this site with caution. Related Stories- 1) Advantage Orkut 2) and dummy Profile 3) Alert for E-mai

Get more on Iraq

Today Iraq is a one of the most boiling issues in the world. US has made it try to solve the problem of Iraq and make it better place to live, however the present situations in Iraq are not good. Everyday many people die on the roads on the Iraq. After the attack on Iraq and removing the Last government, still people in Iraq are not able to find any better life. In present situation world needs more deep work in Iraq at the ground level to solve this problem. For the people who need more light on the Iraq issue could read Iraq Study Group Report which gives more insides in to the present situation in Iraq. The site provides a good politically neutral material for the people who want to get more inside on the Iraq issue. People can easily found many books related to Iraq on this platform.

Some wasteful moments

Life is becoming fast and fast in this competitive world. Today we are so much busy that we do not have time for our self. First we are busy in our work then in our house work and finally in other crisis. Due this we mostly start living a irregular life which causes lot of waste of energy, time and resources. Mostly we land in situations where whole of our schedules lag behind or are in problems and finally creating more tensions for us. In this way in the end, we find our self in deeper crisis. This may be attributed as one of the reason behind the increasing metal tensions in the world. The other problem is that most of the people know about these things but very few of them are able to take any concrete action. In the end we waste a bigger part of our life and repent in the old age. The difference between successful and failure people is that successful people are able to utilize this time wisely then to waste it and finally end up as more productive.

Power of god

We all see many claims and counter claims on God, which some times strengthen or loosen our hopes on the God. Almost all the religions points towards a force which is beyond our reach but still governs all of our fates. Simply we all say this force as God. There are many miracles which are done by this force. Some people are present in this world that do not believe on the God and believe all these miracles as chance. On the other hand many religions from the past are pointing towards this unknown force. The belief on God provides people with a power to face the difficult situations of the world. The belief on the God has given birth to a great spiritual development for mankind which is helping many people on this world. God is still a very big power between all us and provides all of us with a great strength.

Google/Adsense in new Avatar

Google/adsense traditional look was under lot of pressure do to non performance and many people even termed it as dead. However Google/adsense got a new lease of life through video ads introduced by the Google. Google/adsense’s video ads provide a good chance to Google regain its lost popularity and revenue. Google/adsense video is available in the form of video ads which looks more interesting as compared to traditional text and image based ads. According to Google, they currently do not have large number of video ads and therefore they are showing them on some of the high traffic websites. However they are saying that they are coming up with more new video ads for all in the coming times. People can easily find these video ads running on the sites like The advantage with these ads is that they look more from the advertising company then from the Google, therefore increasing the genuinely of these ads. The advantage to website owners is that these ads are more revenue gene

Does really things are becoming expensive?

Many people in India claim that every thing has become expensive in India and it has become difficult to live a quality life. The food items have seen a 5 to 10 times rise in their values in recent few years. Many people believe this increase to be responsible to the inflation. However I have some different views on this issue. In present situations we can not only blame the rise in food items the reason behind the costly life. There are many other reasons which contributes in all this like use of various types of other things by us like present families spend rupees 1000 to 5000 on the mobiles which was not present 10 years back. People today spend 5 to 10 times more on the luxury items than the peoples few years back. Therefore it does not look nice to only blame rise in the price of food items behind the expensive life lived by use today. The main reason behind the costly life is due to less control shown by present generations on their expenses. Moreover the salaries have seen many

Get all on Punjab Election 2007

Below are all the posts related to the Punjab election 2007. This post will be regularly updated with the new posts added related to the Punjab elections 2007. 1) Analyses Punjab Assembly Election 2007 2) Final Result Punjab Election-2007 Dated 28/02/2007 3) Review-Railway Budget-2007 (a good and forward looking budget) 4) Where Punjab is going? Dated 05/02/2007 5) Who will win Punjab Election 2007?-2 Dated 01/02/2007 6) How fair are elections in India? Dated 24/01/2007 7) Realities behind the Vikas Yatra Dated 18/01/2007 8) New strategy by Akali Dal Dated 11/01/2007 9) Some popular Announcements Dated 03/01/2007 10) Finally dates for Punjab election decleared Dated 01/01/2007 11) Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006 12) Latest on Punjab Election Dated 8/12/2006 13) Role of BJP and BSP in Punjab Election Dated 5/12/2006 14) Vikas Yatra Dated 30/11/2006 15) Rural Punjab holds the Fate Dated 18/11/2006 16) Who will win Punjab Election Dated 30/10/

Some points which may effect the future of Akali Dal in Punjab Election 2007

The cases running for corruption against Akali Dal leaders could land them in crisis in the forthcoming Punjab elections. Former Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal is supposed to have collected property more than his income. Presently Akali Dal supreme and former Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal and his son Sukhbir Singh Badal are facing trails in the special court set up at Roopnagar (Punjab). 23rd was the date set for the accused to appear before the court including former Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal and others. The main problem for Akali Dal is that the elections are on the corner and involvement of his top leaders in the corruption cases could spoil its dreams in the Punjab Election 2007. Akali Dal may be trying to term all this cases as political assaults against them by the present congress government in the state. However, still these cases and any adverse result from them could land Akali Dal in major trouble and future aspirations of the Akali Dal supreme and former C

Story of my dog and his old age

Today I felt very sorry for my dog that is growing old day by day and with this he is becoming weaker. My dog is approximately 14 years old. He was living with us from the age of two months. In all these years, he has become a member of our family. He is a big hilly dog. The main thing about my dog is that he never harms anyone; so far he has never hurt anyone. Moreover, he is a very sociable dog and wants to interact with every one. All the people around us respect his simplicity. However his weakness and old age is making me worried about him. I did not want to lose him and it is not possible for me forget his memories. Therefore I want to pray god for giving him more life and he remain with us for more time, may be age long.

Why people love themselves and not others?

This may appear a strange question to many people; however this fact is a truth. We only love our self and are very rarely worried about the welfare of others. Even we can find this entire fact true in our relations for example a father may overshadow the desires of his child only to fulfill his worldly achievements. This is common story for many people around the world. Many people suffer due to these prejudices present in our society. The main problem is that these problems following continuous order. First they occur to the person then after some time victim himself start victimizing others. Therefore all this go on happening in the cyclical form. Due to this matter generations after generations suffer from all this. Now the point which comes is that why people support all this and do not revolt. The answer is simple; many of us do not have the required power, potential or guts to oppose it. And people who are able to revolt and find there own paths, they never commit these mistakes

Where is real freedom?

First thing which comes in our mind is about the freedom is, do we really know what is freedom? If we took a survey on this issue then billions of people will have their billions of views. Now the question comes is that who will decide what is real freedom. Let’s take the example of a bird, a bird is free to move any where and live his life as he wants. Are we having freedom to move anywhere? The most common answer will be no because we are bound by our nations and in our nations we are bound by certain restrictions. Like we can not move inside the government or rich people restricted properties. If we do not money then we do not permission to move in inside many places. There are many things beyond this which restricts our free movements. Moreover we do not have freedom to live our life as we want. We are restricted by our societies, families, jobs and money from making changes in our life. If we do not have all this then how we can say our self free and this is beyond the reach of mo

Movie Fun

We all enjoy watching movie trailers because they provide us inside of the movies. Movies are today present in all the societies of the world and they provide people an opportunity to entertain and educated them self. There are many parts of the world, where this movies industry is more then billions of the dollars. We all can easily find the popularity of the movies from the fact that there will hardly any people who have not watched movies. Today with the advent of internet, it has become easier to watch movie trailers we like. There are many sites available on the net like which provides a good archive of movie trailers for all of us. Moreover people can even upload their own videos on this site. Therefore in all this movie trailers are good option for knowing more about the movies. People can easily find this site full of many movie trailers. So have fun in watching and making movies.

Where is my negativity?

We as human being create two types of feelings, one are positive and second are negative. Positive feelings create a positive energy around us and negative feelings create negative energy around us. This positive energy we can say as our positivity and negativity. Both these energies signify a creative and destructive energy. When are happy and want others to be happy then we emit positive energy and which is helpful in the construction of positive vacuum which is helpful in the growth of others and us. On the other hand when we are unhappy or are jealous then we emit negative energy which is constructs a negative vacuum which creates destruction for us and others. Therefore we need to remain more in the state of positive energy and to minimum in the state of negative energy because this overall good for us and all the people around and finally good for this world. If whole of this world become filled with positive energy then we can expect a more beautiful and good world for all of us

Take care of your pets

Pets play a very important role in our life and therefore it is not possible to side line their comforts. Every pet has it domain and we must respect the domain of our pet. Pets from the centuries have played a vital role in making our life more worthy and enjoyable. We all can remember the time when we are sad and the funny activities our pet make us to laugh. Our pets do not want much from us. We only need to provide good atmosphere to them where they can live a healthy life. We need to give them good food and a better place to live. First thing is food and today there are many commercial foods are available in the market for pets which are full of all the nutrition’s. Second important thing is a good sleeping place for the dogs. We can easily purchase comfortable dog beds or beds for our other pets from the market. These beds provide a comfortable place to sleep for our pets. And this is a small thing which we can do for our lovely pets.

See inside your love

We all feel attraction for few people and go more near to them, however after few times we start realizing that the love was fading. The individual with whom we loved have changed. This is a common story of today’s relation because today’s generation has lot of expectations from their relations. Moreover people are just hurried to make relations and do not have time to analyze whether every thing is fine or not. Some time we run behind the facial attraction, some time behind the emotional security, some time behind the money and some time behind our ego. When we are under the effect of any of these then we can never expect to attain success in the relations. We may be able to form relations but there is no guarantee for their success. For example you form a life long relation and your lover leaves you after some years then the basics of the relation must be wrong and it must be based some hollow grounds. People must judge their relations well before making any move in the relations bec

Good work Sania

Sania Mirza has really become a great name for India. She is not only great sports women but also a pride for India. Her recent win in Asiad has shown her power. She was able to bag one gold and one silver medal in mixed double and women single respectively. In her small career she has gone through lot of controversies but with her good play she has made everyone silent. At present she is in initial stage of her career and we can hope more wins for India. The other major unique point about her is that she climbed big heights in life even being from a minority community. Other women can also get inspiration from her achieve success in life or to at least liberate them self from the social injustice.

Christmas Wishes

Hi all the friends and wish you all in advance Happy Christmas. Christmas is great festival and it fascinate every child wit the memories of Santa Claus. I remember when I was child and any of my desire was not approved by my parents and then I write to Santa for the thing. However unfortunately there was no Santa in my area to fulfill my dreams because I live in India and that too in northern part of India. However, still only the memories of Santa were enough to make me happy. In my childhood I have few experiences of enjoying Christmas with my Christian friends. I still remember the church in our locality got decorated few days before the Christmas. Christmas is festival full of gifts. People give holiday gift baskets to each other to celebrate this festival and make more fun with each other. Gifts are just a way to show your regards to the other and show how important they are for us.

Women have more IQ or EQ

It is a very interesting topic to discuss that whether women have more IQ or EQ. IQ stands for Intelligence quotient which means intelligence and moreover a intelligence of thought process, how fast a person react to situation and find the solutions. As per the Indian system prevailing women are not allowed to use heir minds well. 80% of India is place where women have no say in the society. This prevailing trend has decreased the development chances for women. This factor caused women to have some less IQ level but this factor is compensated with the average more IQ level of women from birth. Therefore we can say that Indian women have average or above average IQ level. Second place come the EQ which stands for Emotional quotient and plays a very important role in sociability. Women are always front runner in social matter and have a good gift of strong emotions. Therefore women score in EQ. However the fact remains that both IQ and EQ can vary subjected to person to person or sex to

For information is now Reliance is today a big name in Indian telecom industries. We all know about the success story of reliance communication which holds one the largest telephone network in India. Today reliance has the largest CDMA based network in India and soon it may enter into GSM based service. With the help of their CDMA based network, Reliance is providing mobile service, base phones service and internet service. Reliance has changed the picture of Indian telecommunication and made it a very competitive internationally. Initially when reliance launched its mobile service then many people have doubts about the success of Reliance, however Reliance has proved every one wrong. This site of reliance communication is a gateway to know more about the latest offering by the reliance. At this site, people can easily know more about the Reliance communication, media reports, career options and pay their telephone bills. This website pr

Which is a great language?

Today we all see that English is becoming a major language of the world and the other local languages of the world are facing chance of eradication from the world map. The reason behind all this that English is a more rewarding language therefore it offers more benefits to the newer generation to learn it. On the other hand other languages are restricted to small area and are not able to attract their youth towards them. Due to this many local elders starts thinking English as a bad language because it was indirectly killing their language. However we can not blame English for this. This may be the wide spread approach of English which has made it a world language. Today when we write or speak in English then definitely we get very large audience for us which are not possible with other languages. And to some extent all the languages are same they are only ways to give words to our thoughts. Therefore we should not indulge in any fights over the languages because all the languages are

Monitor your heart

We all know that heart is a important part of our body therefore no one of us will try to play unsafe with it. Better working of the heart is very important to maintaining a health body and lifestyle. It is very easy task to maintain our heart in healthy condition by just doing simple exercise and by putting a eye over its performance. Today there are varieties of Heart Rate Monitors are available in the world which could help us in monitoring the performance of our heart. Moreover the other advantage is that today most of the heart rate monitors are very cheaply priced and anyone can easily afford them. With the innovations of technologies it has very easy job to maintain a eye on our heart perform and it is mostly a very easy job and any one can perform all these small gadgets.

Changing trends of working culture in India

IN the last few years, India is seeing a massive change in the way people work. First comes the BPO industry which made it possible at night for millions of India, moreover BPO industry also helped many graduates and undergraduates in generating good amount of money for their sustainability. Second the changes are offered by the IT industry which offered it people solution form working anywhere. People are only required to submit the projects on time and they can work from any where. Third change which is seeing is working for US companies from India, there are many works available Indian through the internet like tuitions, writing works or experts views etc which people can do while living in India and are getting paid from US and Europe. These are really welcoming changes which are going to change the ways through which we were looking the jobs and this offers a great opportunities ahead for Indians.

What we go to the real problems?

The problem in the life is that many people do not want to see what the real problems are and they just go on running behind the things which are very less important. Fighting with the diseases is also a one similar kind of problem which people want to treat only superficially. There are many behind getting different diseases and we can not get better unless we take care of all. However the problem is that people usually go on striking the most easy to see problem and forget about the other unseen causes. For good health first we need a positive attitude for life, second a good food, third a regular exercise, fourth is good emotional state and last is a stable and calm mind. Without getting all this we can not think of getting a healthy person. This may be reason that many people do not respond to the ordinary medicines. If we also want a good and healthy body then we should work out on all the parameters.

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In which direction Indian cricket is going

It is very difficult thing to answer but one thing is right that there is some thing wrong with the Indian cricket. Today Indian cricket is seeing the bad time ever seen by it. Both the batting and bowling are out of form and therefore wins have become impossible for India. Present tour to South Africa has just added few more worries for Indian cricket. It is not the case that we are lacking with good players but the main problem is our best players are not able to perform. In simple world we can say that they have become more actors then the real rime hero’s. Almost all the players are busy in doing ads on the television and had no time for the field work or for improving their shortcomings. I am not against any ad work by the players but they should also give proper priority to their game. They should fell thankful to the cricket due to which they are getting the ads and therefore should work hard to give their best to the cricket. On the other hand, Indian cricket is also suffering

Market corrections what to do?

Finally the stock market of India has seen a correction and market decreased by approximate 300 points yesterday. Now the question is that will this down fall will continue this week or month or we will see the market bouncing back. At the present the market looks more in correction mood and we could expect to see more down falls in the market. Market may see a down fall up to 500 to 1000 points in next few weeks. However, there should not be any sign of worry as the market is likely to come back in other few backs. The investors should take precautions in investing and avoid huge investments. A close watch on the market can save lot of money at this point. Live NSE and BSE (Live Indian Stock Market)

Why Ayurvedic medicines are better?

Many people believe that Ayurvedic medicines are better than the mostly used allopathic medicines. Now the question which arises is that all this is true or people are just creating the rumors. In this article, I am sharing few of the scientific and general facts which prove by Ayurvedic medicines are better. 1) Ayurvedic medicines comes from the natural sources therefore it is easy for the body to accept these medicines than the allopathic ones which comes from the organic sources. 2) The real drug (active part) inside the Ayurvedic is available in very small quantity therefore causes no or negligible side effect as compared to allopathic medicines. 3) Allopathic medicines are usually given in larger quantity to create immediate result which put extra pressure on our essential organs like liver and therefore causes many side effects. Therefore if these medicines are taken for long time then can causes damage to our essential organs. 4) Most of allopathic medicines do the j

Cost of Armies

There are more than hundred countries in the world and every country has it own armies. Armies are mostly made up of the strong people, who are provided with the latest weapons. Every country wants its army to be strong and strongest in the world. Therefore there are countries which spend at the tune of 20% to 30% of the money of nation on holding these big armies and even in some war or terrorism effected countries cost on the armies even go beyond much that. If calculate the cost of armies of all the world then it will come out in many-many billions. If wisely calculate than this money is enough to give food, cloth and shelter to every needy person on the earth. If we do this no one will die on this earth due to the shortage of food. However our own hatred and distrust is not allowing this to happen. We are busy in creating the weapons of mass destruction which are destroying earth many times. We are busy in making our own nation better than making the whole world a better place. I a

Do you believe this?

Recently, we all must have seen advertisements like this that I am a 32 year working professional living in India and I am doing my post graduation management from Australia. For some instant all this looks unreal; however in reality it is possible and happening in India. All this become possible only due to internet based online education. Today with the help of internet connection and computer, people can easily study from any top university if the world. Moreover, there are few universities in the world which are only dedicated to the online education. Today through online education we can easily pursue any degree and study from home. Online universities have accreditations and are not restricted to any single country. Today there students are available all across the world. All this makes it possible for us to get a international degree without going out of the India. With increasing need of qualified professional across the world, these online educations can emerge as big gap buil

Latest on Punjab Election 2007

There is some bad news for the Akali-BJP combine which could affect its performance in the coming elections. First is three year rigorous imprisonment awarded to the star campaigner of this combine i.e. to Mr Navjyot Sidhu. This conviction has created some bad image for Navjyot Sidhu. Due to this episode, Navjyot sidhu has lost his image of clean and innocent person. Many people believe that Navjyot Sidhu has committed crime and therefore he should be punished. Moreover with this conviction, the congress has got a point to make in elections and therefore it will try its hard to make maximum mileage from this issue. Second issue which could affect Akali-BJP combine is starting of the trails against Akali Dal supremo Prakesh Singh Badal and his son. There are many charges of corruption pending against them during their tenure five years back. Supreme Court’s recent order has made it possible to start fast track trails against them; so far it is purposed to have daily hearing for these ca

Now Sidhu in net

This is not about the great laughter challenge hosted by the Navjyot Sidhu. Actually this about the real life of Navojoyt Sidhu because yesterday he got three rigorous imprisonment for a crime done 18 years back. It is hard to believe that a crime done 18 years back make you cry. This is some what true for Navjyot Sidhu, who is presently living a successful role of a politician and actor. However the sad news that this high court ruling can put Navjyot Sidhu success journey in to halt. This present judgemnet of the Punjab and Haryana, High court has remained of the death of the 60 year old person, who got injured in altercations with Navjyot Sidhu and his associate Rupinder Singh Sandhu and finally died of the injuries. Sidhu will have never thought in his life that a small fight over the parking can lead to this big problem today. Some one has clearly said that crimes never leave us, they just follow us tell the hell. So far Sidhu has some hope from Supreme Court of India, where he ma

What is Entrepreneurship?

In every person there is an entrepreneur as every person creates a wealth for himself and his family. However in general terms we say entrepreneurs those people who create wealth not only for themselves but also for millions of others. These entrepreneurs with the help of their enterprise venture help large number of people in creating enormous wealth. This enterprise may have only one person or millions of people, however they all create wealth for the complete nation. Entrepreneurship is basically an art and with the help of which a person can create number of recourses which in return can create multiple resources. Therefore an entrepreneur creates wealth and property with constant achievements and at one stage becomes a big resource creator for others. The people who know the art of entrepreneurship they are never required to worry about opportunities in their lives because they not only create opportunities for themselves but also create abundance of opportunities for millions of

Will market will stay above 14000 marks

Presently everyone is watching the market to cross the 14000 mark. So far market is able to cross this mark two times during the day trading but so far it is not able to close above the 14000 mark. By looking at the present trends, it looks certain that the market will cross 14000 marks in a few days from now. It is difficult to answer when but time looks very near. Now the second question which will be affecting many people is whether the market will be going to stay above 14000 marks or it will slide down. Different experts have different views on this topic. Some are predicting more rises, while others are predicting an early correction in the market. I always believe and often advise people to thing long-term in equity or mutual market and took some research on stocks. If we see the market in terms of the long term then the Indian market looks very lucrative because billions of dollars of investment coming into India in the next few years and the growth rate of the Indian industry

Some question

It is the starting of winter season in India. This year there are speculations that winters will be very harsh. People like me may not have any problem in this winter because they have enough cloths to protect them self from cold. However there are millions of people who even do not have enough cloths to wear. Yesterday when I was talking to a servant of my land lord then I discovered that he has only sweater to wear. The sweater was also not in a good condition, it was torn from many places. He was waiting for his salary to buy one more sweater. Some times it becomes very difficult to understand that why there is so much difference in the society, some people are having more than enough and others do not have what is required. Still we people are running towards creating more and more wealth and making our self more comfortable. Are others are not human beings? These are very difficult questions to answer because we all are same. For this it is not write to blame only rich people, a s

People's love Britney

Britney Jean Spears popularly know as Britney Spears is today a world famous Pop singer. As born on 2nd December, 1981, she has attained big hits in the place of pop singing. She has millions of fans around the world and they are always ready to die for any of her music concerts. As par the times magazine that there are already 76 million records sold worldwide of her music. All this looks a great achievement for any singer. Although there Britney Spears have remained in some controversy due to her exposing costumes, however the main thing is her singing talent which makes her different from others. We all have enjoyed her great singing talent in “baby one time more”. Many hearts broke when Britney decided to marry in 2004. Even after marriage and having two boys, Britney is still a favorite. All this shows her great singing talent. Not only in singing but Britney also become a famous name in advertisement. But her successful singing career many famous advertisers have signed h

Finally Law is back on track in india

In present situation if any body says that Indian law system is very poor and mostly criminal go free from the law easily then they have to think again because in recent few years law has strengthen it self in India and most of criminals are getting punishments. Latest life imprisonment to Shibu Soren popularly knows as Guruji is one such example. He has distinction of being first Indian cabinet minister to get life imprisonment. All this only shows the strengthening position of law over the high end criminals who usually get away from the crime due to money, power or position. Now due to the strong back up by the media, social groups and specially people, it is very difficult to commit crimes and then go unhurt. Therefore there is no doubt that soon Indian law system will be termed as the best in India. In earlier India, it was a very easy thing to bribe law makers or to threat the witnesses. Today’s India is committed towards providing every individual with justice.

Role of BJP and BSP in Punjab Election-2007

Both BJP and BSP can play a great role in Punjab Election 2007 . BJP is a allay of the Akali Dal and BSP is most probably going to fight this election alone. Both the parties are small as compared to congress and Aklai Dal in Punjab. However, both hold significant base among their supporters. BSP holds a good vote bank among the Dalits and BJP has good support among the upper caste Hindus’. In previous few years, BSP has seen a decrease in its support and its vote bank have shifted towards the traditional vote bank of congress, which is a positive factor for the congress and can help it in this elections. BJP has some good as it is the only party which has star campaigners in its side like Navjyot Sidhu and Vinod Khanna, where as all the other party lack local start campaigners. This factor is most likely to help the BJP and increase its vote share in this election. These time elections are going to be more interesting because of the probable less voting and local level competition. Ag

Problem of over eating

Problem of over eating As per the Indian Ayurveda, over eating is like eating poisons. As the old texts and great scholars food is good up to time, we eat it as per the requirement and it is like a poison when we start over eating. Many people do not know it and it is a very well established and scientifically proven fact that most of diseases originate only due to excess fates in the human body especially in the stomach area. All the present days’ diseases like cardiac problems, diabetics, ulcers have some origin link with this over eating. However the problem is that most of people are not able to pay any attentions to these facts. Only by controlling our eating habits we can control many of our problems. Still the problem is that many few people are taker of these facts. Over eating is already a big problem is developed nations like US and it has also started making us its next victim. So far we people have some time to fight back and control our eating habits. Parents need lot of

We Indians

In India we are seeing a great progress in all the spheres of all but still we are away from becoming a developed nation. We are getting good quality roads, metro trains and advance technologies but still there are few things which are also required to be treated. This is common thinking of Indians toward India, still there are many Indian’s who do not believe on India. This is quite true from the huge rush of Indian people running for foreign locations. Even in affluent state like Punjab, people like western countries more than their own nation. If we want to make India a true developed nation then we need to change the thinking of people also. How we hope for the construction of a beautiful and strong nation whose people are running towards other countries and those who are remained here are burdened by castes, religions and states. What development happening here in India is mostly due to the expansion need of big multinational? They want more customers for their products and theref

Indian auto market analysis

Auto business is a big success in India; many big auto players are seeing Indian market as a big opportunity. Earlier, India market was considered suitable only for the low priced cars. However the recent success of many expensive models in India has changed this whole perspective. Not only has this some of the Indian companies had big powers in auto accessory business. These companies are supplying accessories to many leading companies of the world and orders worth million of dollars. Though in India, still online buying of auto accessory has not started like in US. In US people can easily buy auto accessories like billet grille from online sites. These online sites provide them value for money and products are delivered at homes. When other kind of online shopping does have started here then we could also hope to see the start of online shopping of auto accessories. With the increasing markets we could hope that many big players may enter this business to exploit it.