What is Entrepreneurship?

In every person there is an entrepreneur as every person creates a wealth for himself and his family. However in general terms we say entrepreneurs those people who create wealth not only for themselves but also for millions of others. These entrepreneurs with the help of their enterprise venture help large number of people in creating enormous wealth. This enterprise may have only one person or millions of people, however they all create wealth for the complete nation. Entrepreneurship is basically an art and with the help of which a person can create number of recourses which in return can create multiple resources. Therefore an entrepreneur creates wealth and property with constant achievements and at one stage becomes a big resource creator for others. The people who know the art of entrepreneurship they are never required to worry about opportunities in their lives because they not only create opportunities for themselves but also create abundance of opportunities for millions of others. To some extent, we all know the art of entrepreneurship; however the problem is that we do not use our entrepreneur skills often. All the big nations are big today only due to their people’s entrepreneur skills. Therefore entrepreneurs can easily play large role in the building of their nation. In India, we can easily give the example of the entrepreneur families like Ambanis, Tatas, Mittals etc.

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