Does really things are becoming expensive?

Many people in India claim that every thing has become expensive in India and it has become difficult to live a quality life. The food items have seen a 5 to 10 times rise in their values in recent few years. Many people believe this increase to be responsible to the inflation. However I have some different views on this issue. In present situations we can not only blame the rise in food items the reason behind the costly life. There are many other reasons which contributes in all this like use of various types of other things by us like present families spend rupees 1000 to 5000 on the mobiles which was not present 10 years back. People today spend 5 to 10 times more on the luxury items than the peoples few years back. Therefore it does not look nice to only blame rise in the price of food items behind the expensive life lived by use today. The main reason behind the costly life is due to less control shown by present generations on their expenses. Moreover the salaries have seen many times rise in the last few years but our expenditures have risen more than that.
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