Women have more IQ or EQ

It is a very interesting topic to discuss that whether women have more IQ or EQ. IQ stands for Intelligence quotient which means intelligence and moreover a intelligence of thought process, how fast a person react to situation and find the solutions. As per the Indian system prevailing women are not allowed to use heir minds well. 80% of India is place where women have no say in the society. This prevailing trend has decreased the development chances for women. This factor caused women to have some less IQ level but this factor is compensated with the average more IQ level of women from birth. Therefore we can say that Indian women have average or above average IQ level. Second place come the EQ which stands for Emotional quotient and plays a very important role in sociability. Women are always front runner in social matter and have a good gift of strong emotions. Therefore women score in EQ. However the fact remains that both IQ and EQ can vary subjected to person to person or sex to sex. These are general views by the observation only.
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