For information www.reliancecommunications.co.in is now www.rcom.co.in. Reliance is today a big name in Indian telecom industries. We all know about the success story of reliance communication which holds one the largest telephone network in India. Today reliance has the largest CDMA based network in India and soon it may enter into GSM based service. With the help of their CDMA based network, Reliance is providing mobile service, base phones service and internet service.

Reliance has changed the picture of Indian telecommunication and made it a very competitive internationally. Initially when reliance launched its mobile service then many people have doubts about the success of Reliance, however Reliance has proved every one wrong. This site of reliance communication is a gateway to know more about the latest offering by the reliance. At this site, people can easily know more about the Reliance communication, media reports, career options and pay their telephone bills.

This website provides an option to all the Reliance customers and Enterprise tracking their mobile bills and paying them online. This is a common website for the entire reliance communication user whether they are mobile users, land line users or internet users. This website provides a best option of knowing about all the latest information about Reliance communication and selecting the suitable mobile plans.

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