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Google/adsense traditional look was under lot of pressure do to non performance and many people even termed it as dead. However Google/adsense got a new lease of life through video ads introduced by the Google. Google/adsense’s video ads provide a good chance to Google regain its lost popularity and revenue. is available in the form of video ads which looks more interesting as compared to traditional text and image based ads. According to Google, they currently do not have large number of video ads and therefore they are showing them on some of the high traffic websites. However they are saying that they are coming up with more new video ads for all in the coming times. People can easily find these video ads running on the sites like The advantage with these ads is that they look more from the advertising company then from the Google, therefore increasing the genuinely of these ads. The advantage to website owners is that these ads are more revenue generators than the traditional ads. With the ads, we could hope to see new life in ailing Google/adsense. For getting these ads on the website, web owners need to adjust there ads setting to rectangle or square form and then must select image ads. Presently there is no guarantee of the display of video ads but they can expect these ads in near future.

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