See inside your love

We all feel attraction for few people and go more near to them, however after few times we start realizing that the love was fading. The individual with whom we loved have changed. This is a common story of today’s relation because today’s generation has lot of expectations from their relations. Moreover people are just hurried to make relations and do not have time to analyze whether every thing is fine or not. Some time we run behind the facial attraction, some time behind the emotional security, some time behind the money and some time behind our ego. When we are under the effect of any of these then we can never expect to attain success in the relations. We may be able to form relations but there is no guarantee for their success. For example you form a life long relation and your lover leaves you after some years then the basics of the relation must be wrong and it must be based some hollow grounds. People must judge their relations well before making any move in the relations because it can help them in not shed tears in the end.
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