We Indians

In India we are seeing a great progress in all the spheres of all but still we are away from becoming a developed nation. We are getting good quality roads, metro trains and advance technologies but still there are few things which are also required to be treated.

This is common thinking of Indians toward India, still there are many Indian’s who do not believe on India. This is quite true from the huge rush of Indian people running for foreign locations.

Even in affluent state like Punjab, people like western countries more than their own nation. If we want to make India a true developed nation then we need to change the thinking of people also.

How we hope for the construction of a beautiful and strong nation whose people are running towards other countries and those who are remained here are burdened by castes, religions and states.

What development happening here in India is mostly due to the expansion need of big multinational? They want more customers for their products and therefore India is a good opportunity.

If we Indian never realize this fact then we are never going to become a true developed nation.
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