Role of BJP and BSP in Punjab Election-2007

Both BJP and BSP can play a great role in Punjab Election 2007. BJP is a allay of the Akali Dal and BSP is most probably going to fight this election alone. Both the parties are small as compared to congress and Aklai Dal in Punjab. However, both hold significant base among their supporters.

BSP holds a good vote bank among the Dalits and BJP has good support among the upper caste Hindus’. In previous few years, BSP has seen a decrease in its support and its vote bank have shifted towards the traditional vote bank of congress, which is a positive factor for the congress and can help it in this elections.

BJP has some good as it is the only party which has star campaigners in its side like Navjyot Sidhu and Vinod Khanna, where as all the other party lack local start campaigners. This factor is most likely to help the BJP and increase its vote share in this election.

These time elections are going to be more interesting because of the probable less voting and local level competition. Again the probabilities are high that the margins between the winning candidates may be less, therefore a small swing in one direction can change the fate of any party.

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Who will win Punjab election 2007
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