Will market will stay above 14000 marks

Presently everyone is watching the market to cross the 14000 mark. So far market is able to cross this mark two times during the day trading but so far it is not able to close above the 14000 mark. By looking at the present trends, it looks certain that the market will cross 14000 marks in a few days from now. It is difficult to answer when but time looks very near. Now the second question which will be affecting many people is whether the market will be going to stay above 14000 marks or it will slide down. Different experts have different views on this topic. Some are predicting more rises, while others are predicting an early correction in the market. I always believe and often advise people to thing long-term in equity or mutual market and took some research on stocks. If we see the market in terms of the long term then the Indian market looks very lucrative because billions of dollars of investment coming into India in the next few years and the growth rate of the Indian industry also looks attractive. In this situation, we could hope to see the market crossing 16000-17000 marks in the next few years. However, at present the chance of correction is very well possible may be a minor one and followed by a few more. Therefore it becomes advisable to make investments in the market with caution. People can avoid big investments but can go on with small investments with good track records holding shares and funds.

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