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This is not about the great laughter challenge hosted by the Navjyot Sidhu. Actually this about the real life of Navojoyt Sidhu because yesterday he got three rigorous imprisonment for a crime done 18 years back. It is hard to believe that a crime done 18 years back make you cry. This is some what true for Navjyot Sidhu, who is presently living a successful role of a politician and actor.

However the sad news that this high court ruling can put Navjyot Sidhu success journey in to halt. This present judgemnet of the Punjab and Haryana, High court has remained of the death of the 60 year old person, who got injured in altercations with Navjyot Sidhu and his associate Rupinder Singh Sandhu and finally died of the injuries. Sidhu will have never thought in his life that a small fight over the parking can lead to this big problem today.

Some one has clearly said that crimes never leave us, they just follow us tell the hell. So far Sidhu has some hope from Supreme Court of India, where he may be challenging this decision, he was given time up to 30 Jan, 2007 to appeal in Supreme court of India. Navjyot Sidhu was on bail from 2000 from High court of Punjab and Haryana.
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