Where is real freedom?

First thing which comes in our mind is about the freedom is, do we really know what is freedom? If we took a survey on this issue then billions of people will have their billions of views. Now the question comes is that who will decide what is real freedom. Let’s take the example of a bird, a bird is free to move any where and live his life as he wants. Are we having freedom to move anywhere? The most common answer will be no because we are bound by our nations and in our nations we are bound by certain restrictions. Like we can not move inside the government or rich people restricted properties. If we do not money then we do not permission to move in inside many places. There are many things beyond this which restricts our free movements. Moreover we do not have freedom to live our life as we want. We are restricted by our societies, families, jobs and money from making changes in our life. If we do not have all this then how we can say our self free and this is beyond the reach of most of the answers. For getting a real freedom, person needs a lot of courage. He should be ready to face the hardship from the society. Only then we could think of a world which has a real freedom.
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