Finally Law is back on track in india

In present situation if any body says that Indian law system is very poor and mostly criminal go free from the law easily then they have to think again because in recent few years law has strengthen it self in India and most of criminals are getting punishments. Latest life imprisonment to Shibu Soren popularly knows as Guruji is one such example.

He has distinction of being first Indian cabinet minister to get life imprisonment. All this only shows the strengthening position of law over the high end criminals who usually get away from the crime due to money, power or position. Now due to the strong back up by the media, social groups and specially people, it is very difficult to commit crimes and then go unhurt.

Therefore there is no doubt that soon Indian law system will be termed as the best in India. In earlier India, it was a very easy thing to bribe law makers or to threat the witnesses. Today’s India is committed towards providing every individual with justice.
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