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Below are all the posts related to the Punjab election 2007. This post will be regularly updated with the new posts added related to the Punjab elections 2007.

1)Analyses Punjab Assembly Election 2007

2) Final Result Punjab Election-2007 Dated 28/02/2007

3)Review-Railway Budget-2007 (a good and forward looking budget)

4) Where Punjab is going? Dated 05/02/2007

5) Who will win Punjab Election 2007?-2 Dated 01/02/2007

6) How fair are elections in India? Dated 24/01/2007

7) Realities behind the Vikas Yatra Dated 18/01/2007

8) New strategy by Akali Dal Dated 11/01/2007

9) Some popular Announcements Dated 03/01/2007

10) Finally dates for Punjab election decleared Dated 01/01/2007

11) Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006

12) Latest on Punjab Election Dated 8/12/2006

13) Role of BJP and BSP in Punjab Election Dated 5/12/2006

14) Vikas Yatra Dated 30/11/2006

15) Rural Punjab holds the Fate Dated 18/11/2006

16) Who will win Punjab Election Dated 30/10/2006

17) Punjab Election one sided story Dated 28/10/2006

18) Punjab Election dated 16/10/2006


  1. The winner in gujrat elections will be known on 26th dec.But in the mean time EVMS(Electronic voting machines) should be kept in security so that no body can manipulate them.

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